Secrets of the Seers: Book 1 Veil of Shakti

Secrets of the Seers: Book 1 Veil of Shakti

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An ordinary monk discovers that he has mysteriously become the Chosen Initiate, one who is bestowed with superhuman powers. He is enrolled in the Aryavarts School of Yog – the Magical School – where he must now learn how to harness that divine force, which alone can render him a keeper and master of those ancient-powers. But those ancient powers are now hidden behind a mysterious Veil that runs across the Seven Worlds, separating all…

In the last few years, the Indian reader’s have been entertained by a literal flood of books on mythology. As a self-proclaimed mythology buff, I have probably read most of them and enjoyed them too. It is with the same interest that I picked up Tina Sadhwani’s ‘Secrets of the Seers’.

To tell you the truth, I was pleasantly surprised. The book has little of mythology and more of our ancient Puran’s, wisdom and Vedic teachings. Doused with a healthy dose of fiction, the book explores the journey and realization of a young monk initiate. He is a disciple of the Aryavarts School of Yog – the Magical School (I know it is pretty reminiscent of the Hogwarts School of Magic and Harry Potter). Humanity exists in a parallel universe with a hidden kingdom and both are separated.

The book chronicles the journey of the young monk as he ventures beyond the veil to step into the world of humanity in order to retrieve an ancient secret.

As you read the book, you get sucked into its mystical world of seers, monks, ancient scriptures and secrets. It titillates your senses and leaves you with a deep sense of satisfaction about your rich cultural heritage. The book is written in a beautiful style, the language is easy although it is interspersed with some heavy vocabulary here and there (a more casual reader may have to refer to the dictionary at one or more points).

The climax of the book is a masterpiece. I have to say that it’s an entertaining, fascinating and riveting read.

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