Some Mad Poems Some Sad Poems Some Bad Poems and A Short Story in Verse

Some Mad Poems Some Sad Poems Some Bad Poems and A Short Story in Verse

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Some Mad Poems... is celebrated actor, director, theatre personality and author, Jayant Kripalani's first book of poems. It is a collection of wonderful poems that he has created over time. The poems, sometimes satirical, sometimes allegorical reflect the times we live in. The book has two parts, the first being a collection of general poems and the second being a short story narrated in verse. Jayant Kripalani is an Indian film, television and stage actor…

The quirky title of this book instantly brought a smile to my face. I got this book as a gift at one of the literary festivals and I could not be more surprised with what it has to hold. I am not quite a poetry reader, so I was a bit hesitant picking it up, but when I did, I found myself deeply resonating with the essence conveyed by the title.

These remarkable poems evoked within me equal amounts of mirthful laughter and rumination. The poet’s attention does not escape anyone and he manages to make everything and anything a subject of his craft.  His verses compel introspection regarding our own actions, and occasionally, prompt contemplation on society and life itself. Read this-

Maddox Square

This little place is Maddox Square
Where some folks take the morning air
And others come for other reasons

Some folks come and do their Yoga
Some come to nurse their hangovers
They come around in all seasons

Some for walks and calisthenics
Some practice for the next Olympics
I, to watch the Laburnum trees

On one side they’ve built an ugly temple
On the other, a toilet has been assembles
Both cater to anyone’s morning needs

A Brahmin wraps a sacred thread
Around his ear and enters one
To spend a penny

A Pandit at the other one
Stands under the rising sun
Collecting pots and pots of money.

Without delay both should be closed
Their smells penetrate the stuffiest nose.

Sometimes infused with outrageous humour, and at other times laced with satire, these poems consistently provoke thought and introspection. 

With a captivating finesse, the poet intertwines his unique brand of humour into his verses, even when grappling with profound subjects and delicate themes. Seemingly, his commitment to honesty allows him to boldly speak the truth, unveiling the raw sincerity that permeates his writing.

This book deserves an audience encompassing individuals from all walks of life, for it possesses the power to captivate and enlighten everyone.


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