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Why did every one hate Sheila? Neighbours... kids… dogs... and even plants? It is not a whodunit but howdunit. How was the Tanzanite stolen? What secret past did Ridhima Mashi have connecting her to Dilbahar Hotel? Each of the 10 stories has endings you would not ordinarily guess. But who knows? Maybe you are good at guessing the susp’ENDINGS???

The name and the cover page are fascinating enough to make it as a must-read. As mentioned on the cover page, the book holds ten different stories and it is the unexpected suspense that holds them together. Having known the author for her amazing way of tying knots in a story and solving it in the most unpredicted manner, this one is a trophy. All the stories hold a powerful plot and make the reader glued to the book. Initially, I did try to solve the mystery of how the story would end, but then it was in the unimaginable way that I gave up my detective skills soon and continued reading through the mysteries.

To name a few 

Mission Failed – This one seems to be a typical story that happens next door. With the suspense being carried on well, the end is sure to shock the readers.

Freedom – Not many conversations but the author makes us travel along with the narrator and only, in the end, do we realize who the narrator is and boom – better not to get scared.

Murder At Silver Oaks – A long one in the short story series. Yet one of the twisted tales. It is carefully built with layers and layers of knots where there is no room to predict who the murderer was. The narration was so good and can make the reader forget to blink.

The Weapon – A humorous one, until revealed. Importantly set in Africa.

Why Didn’t The Dog Bark – Having the story shift from the character’s point of view really did add more weight to this story. There were quite some characters, but the description of each set in a different background made it easier to connect them all.

The Tanzanite – The last story of the book but as the title goes with, it is a precious gem. The premise does look simple, again the narration wins when it reaches the end. 

Along with the suspense perfectly maintained in all the stories, there is friendship, love, faith – a myriad of emotions the author has explored through the stories. A must read.


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