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Susp'ENDED: 10 short stories

With a unique cover and an intriguing title, this book is a collection of ten short stories by the author; each one being a tale as interesting and twisted as one can get. Having gotten opportunities before to read the author’s short stories, I would say every story has the author’s signature twist to offer at the end that makes reader go “wow, didn’t see that coming!”

Right from a simple story full of only dialogues revealing something unexpected (you wouldn’t even have dreamt of it!) at the end to time-travel, crime and supernatural thrillers, this collection has it all, not to mention a tinge of humour as well in one of them. Every story keeps the readers guessing what is going to happen next and makes it a compelling read. A well thought-out plot is what every tale holds. 

Apart from offering what is promised – the thrill and suspense – each story also explores different emotions – love and care, empathy, friendship, hatred and revenge etc., – and also brings out the essence of certain relationships.

A quick one-liner on all of them before I mention my favourites:

Mission Failed – Starts off the usual way but makes the reader wonder where it is all heading. And, bang, an uncanny end!

Freedom – A quirky narrator in an eccentric story leading to a heart-warming ending.

Murder at Silver Oaks – An amazing plot with red herrings strewn all over only to have them tied up neatly at the end revealing an unexpected solution and perpetrator.

Rosie Rosie – A heart-wrenching tale of love narrated at an uncanny backdrop.

The Weapon – A very short story that sets an eerie tone from the start and ends on a very different note.

Karma – A tale of love, loss and longing

Hotel Dilbahar – A time-travel tale of crime and absolution.

Why didn’t the dog bark – Every character unravels on its own in this murder mystery only to get together at the end for a common purpose

House on Tiger Hill – A ‘lovely’ supernatural thriller

The Tanzanite – A brilliant plot of jewellery theft and recovery.

With that, let me add what I enjoyed reading the most:-

  1. Mission Failed
  2. Murder at Silver Oaks
  3. Why didn’t the dog bark
  4. House on Tiger Hill
  5. The Tanzanite

An ‘unputdownable’ collection of stories. A must read.


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