The Deadly Dozen: India’s Most Notorious Serial Killers

The Deadly Dozen: India’s Most Notorious Serial Killers

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Published: 6/13/2019
A schoolteacher who killed multiple paramours with cyanide; a mother who trained her daughters to kill children; a thug from the 1800s who slaughtered more than 900 people, a manservant who killed girls and devoured their body parts. If you thought serial killers was a Western phenomenon, think again! These bone-chilling stories in The Deadly Dozen will take you into the hearts and heads of India's most devious murderers and schemers, exploring what made them…

You look at the cover of this book and you just can’t not pick it up immediately to bite into it. If you are one to delve into thrilling content that lets you on to some psychological damage, then this one is for you. In this hair-raising account of twelve stories you would get a peak into the twisted minds of people who seemingly look ordinary and unsuspecting but are vicious to the core. The stories are deftly created with careful attention given to the brutality of the acts of all the killers. When reality meets fiction, it makes for quite a heady cocktail and this one is no different.

The most commendable part of this book is how the author has weaved all the stories picked from the police records, public information, facts to back them and his own take on the drama as it would have unfolded. What is shocking is the gruesome, brutal, gory depiction of the dastardly acts. Well, any lesser would not have justified it as well. And these are just 12 stories!

From a thug in the 1800s to the most recent one in 2018, the book covers the actions of these serial killer, their modus operandi and their fate in a very entertaining package. Each one more vicious than the one before. Some of the stories I had read/ heard/ watched before and so I could relate to them, but most I had not and that was an experience that would not leave the recesses of my mind for a very long time. The read affects you in various ways. From hate to disgust, from repulse to nausea, from anger to shock, the stories brought it all out. But the most sparkling thing was to attempt to reach into the minds of these killer and trying to find out a bit about their psychology. Why would someone do that? What lead them to it? What made them feel after? What caused them to surrender to fate or whatever else? These were all the questions that crept into my mind.

If you have an appetite for gore and can deal with the monstrosity of a convoluted mind, grab this one. But don’t dare to read it after a meal.

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