The Ex Factor

The Ex Factor

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Oindrilla Roy, also known by her friends as Oinks among several other nicknames, is having a lousy week. Cook, maid, driver, all (help) have deserted her. At work, her boss, Hawkeye, is making her life miserable. Her cousin Ankita seems to have got involved in some mess at college and needs her intervention. Her best friend Sweety Chopra is running amok with her own set of shenanigans inadvertently involving Oinks. It is then that Vivek…

In “The Ex Factor,” Harini Srinivasan takes us into the world of love, destiny, and second chances. Srinivasan crafts a entertaining tale that draws readers in immediately.

The protagonist, Oindrilla Roy AKA Oinks, leads us through the bustling streets of Delhi where she works at EOFA, a company she recently joined after completing her masters in Korean language. Still reeling from a heartbreak during her school days, Oinks’ character resonates with the pain of lost love and the struggle to heal. Her friendship with Sweety, a confidante who helped her mend her broken heart, adds a layer to her character and underlines the significance of strong bonds.

Amidst the backdrop of Delhi’s chaos, Oinks’ life takes an unexpected turn as she becomes entangled in a whirlwind of family drama, from managing absent household staff to caring for her dogs amidst her demanding job. Additionally, the familial and personal issues of her cousin and best friend beckon her intervention, showcasing her nurturing nature and the complexity of her relationships.

The narrative then pivots as her boss offers her a lifeline – a three-month project in the charming city of Shillong. Here, the story takes an intriguing twist as her long-lost school time crush, Vivek Rao, makes an unforeseen reappearance, rekindling old feelings and setting the stage for what promises to be a captivating plot.

The author’s skill lies in her ability to maintain a brisk pace throughout the narrative. There is a rhythm to the story making the reader eager to discover what lies around the corner for Oinks, the protagonist. The infusion of Hindi words and a heavy dose of cuss words, though, were a put off in this distinct writing style which often threw the story out of its cultural context. In a bid to make it a contemporary rom-com, the author may have gone overboard in this aspect.

While the plot may follow a predictable trajectory, “The Ex Factor” doesn’t fail to deliver an enjoyable reading experience. So, if you are in search of a light-hearted read, a tale that celebrates second chances and the bonds of friendships, this is a good read. 


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