The Haunted Office 

The Haunted Office 

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A killer houseplant. A haunted office. A never ending curse. A bone-chilling spooky story. 

The plot revolves around  six characters who gather for a meeting over zoom call during the Covid lockdown. Jessie, the boss opts to conduct the meeting from the office, but the rest of his staff joined from the comfort of their home. At first, the silence and empty cubicles gave her an eerie feeling, but she ignored it until she heard a voice that welcomed her back. What followed next was not just bizarre, but ghastly and terrifying. 

I will refrain from giving out the details about the story, but will urge the readers out there to pick it up and give it a read. If you love horror stories, then you will surely enjoy reading the book. The plot is interesting and the narration was taut and kept me hooked. The descriptions of the setup and the situation, characterisation, the brief introduction about the company, their nature of work, a brief about the staffs while keeping the fear factor in the backdrop was a good take by the author. The whole idea gave me goosebumps. 

A houseplant that consumed several people, including a few office staffs was a sad and scary idea. Jessie and Bob’s narrow escape while they tried to kill and destroy the plant was an event that will haunt the readers long after they finish reading the book. Each sequence was penned carefully, the visuals were prominent, and the open ending kept the thrill intact. As the saga continues, I turned the last leaf and wondered if those houseplants are as innocent as they seem to be. This story will scare the wits out of the readers, and entertain too. Other than a few typo errors and glaring spacing glitches, this story succeeded in creating the effect it intended to. 

 The Haunted Office is a quick read, so do check it out and give it a read. When I won this book at a writing event on Penmancy, the title and cover made me look forward to reading it. Now that I read, I will recommend it to all horror story fans and to all the readers who wants to discover the thrill that lies within this book. 

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