TRAIL XIII – The Path to Perdition

TRAIL XIII – The Path to Perdition

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After the success of their first horror offering - Route 13 - The Highway to Hell, The Hive Publishers present to you, another bloodcurdling, spine-chilling, and eye-popping horror anthology that comprises stories that are about the Paranormal to Occult, Haunted Houses, Historical and Psychological Horror, Weird West and Splatterpunk. Apart from the Desi dose of horror, expect to be awed by the stories from international authors.

Yet another horror anthology from the family of ‘THE HIVE’. As much as I am a fan of all their anthologies, I was looking forward to reading this one and it simply sits on my favourite list as well. Their earlier release Route 13 was one kind of horror book that even though I know the end, I keep reading again to scare myself. Now there’s another one to do the same.

This one promises horror in different dimensions and yes it succeeds in the mission. Talking about horror, a few known concepts may arise in mind, but here it is visualizing the unknown horror ever known. Most of the authors have done deep research for their stories, and that is highly commendable. 

To name a few

Summer Solstice – The first story of the book. The author has a unique style in writing that I have seen in her books and here the story is a nail-biting experience. The POV shifts between two scenarios and gets connected only to reveal the unexpected. The author’s note gives in more information for us to ponder upon.

Look into my eyes – A story that takes off as a typical scenario where a couple with their kids move into a new location or rather a new mansion like house. Then follows the experience they face there. Finally when they are off the place comes in the real twist, horror can never end.

A legend of truth – Have read many stories from the author and was eager to read this one as well. The story moves in different timelines and that I believe adds more weight to the already powerful story. What happens when evil exists in an unbelievable way? All the dots get a line towards the end unleashing the horror element.

The Voice – One of my favourite authors, reading her name reminds me of most of her stories instantly. The author has a way to connect with the readers. A fig tree sits in the lines but can unleash beyond imagination. Is it possible to create a scary environment just by the voice? Oh yes, a different kind of horror, really not possible to read at night.

The Dante House – Again one of my favourite authors. It starts as a simple accident somewhere. What follows is not clear to guess. But then midway we seem to realize how every detail mentioned before has a link at the end. This is beautifully knotted tale that cannot be solved.

Mother Promise – Though the plot can be guessed, it is the narration of the author and the POV from the mother’s perspective that keeps the reader hooked till the very end. The dialogues and emotions of a mother depict reality.

Nani and the shadows – Again one of my favourite authors. A story in a story that is narrated by the Nani to kids Happy and Honey (so beautiful names). What unfolds is not what it may seem like and the end lines, quite powerful or is the Nani who is powerful? The secrets can be dangerous. Oh and it is not over yet.

Insidious Thoughts – A psychological horror that presents what is seemingly to be the reality, but not really. Most of the lines are detailed enough to grasp what the author wanted to convey about the main character of the story. A brilliant writing that keeps the readers on the straight line.

Overall it is a promising read that explores different segments in the horror genre. Sometimes it is blood, beast, gore deaths, and the rest can be much more. 

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