The Untold Stories of Indian Tigers

The Untold Stories of Indian Tigers

Untold Stories of Indian Tigers
The Untold Stories of Indian Tigers, is a unique book, with the stories of Indian tigers located in the vast picturesque jungles dotted with rivulets and lakes and old structures of forts and temples of Ranthambore and other Tiger Reserves. These Ranthambore tigers have flashed in news, have been photographed innumerable times, and some of them are very popular in the annals of the history of Indian tigers. The short stories of these tigers are…

Numerous books have been written till date about The Ranthambore National Park and its main attraction, the gorgeous Tigers. But this book is totally different from what I expected. It completely had my attention from the very start till the last leaf. Unputdownable it is; I assure.

Infact, I couldn’t let go and re-read several sections that struck a chord in my head. The dialogues are thoughtfully and wisely weaved to capture the mind of every reader; the heart of every animal and adventure lover. Being an animal lover, I couldn’t resist but teleport myself there, right from the time Machli confrontéd her son, Jhumaru. The words were literally inspiring and I could connect with each thought easily. The story made me realize how interconnected we are to the animal kingdom; well, we are a part of it anyway.

I wish I could quote my favourite lines, but then the review will turn into a short story; so I refrained. Brilliantly written story, infused with lessons that motivated and enlightened me. The author has provided ample of information to fill us with knowledge. The notes after each story will stuff the readers with information.

Machli and Maya, are great mentors and I believe their cubs were very lucky to have been blessed with parents like them. Thanks to the author for giving me my hero, Jai. Through him, we can see and understand ourselves better. May we all tread to a journey from Good to Great! Amen! It was indeed hard for Shivaji to digest such a heart-wrenching prophecy. Humans taking over the jungles…the bitter truth. Shivaji’s words got engraved in my mind. Wise words of the mighty leader. The story of Shera, his daughter, Collarwali and the Jungle boy, came with a wonderful lesson. “Behind each black line, lies a green future.”

The story of Ustaad, Padmini, Bina and her sister, Sita, were equally informative and had a lesson for all. The title of each story was carefully chosen by the author. His research work is prominent from the facts he wrote. It was wonderful to read how motherhood transformed Sundari. The story of Sitara broke my heart. I wondered how he must have felt to be in a disastrous situation as such. Glad that he worked hard to unite everyone to fight against one common enemy- Man. Sita’s disappearance was truly a sad incident and the damage was done; the scar was drawn on the minds of the Blood Stripes. The authors way of storytelling made me sigh with a heavy heart.

Oh, I’m so in love with this book. Inspiring. Motivating. Enlightening. The book has everything we need and answers to all that we seek. Through the stories, the author sent out several positive messages for us humans. The stories made me feel as if they are not different from us and vice versa. As of the flaws, I didn’t notice any since I was busy following the trail of my fellow felines. I just wish the size of the book to be a bit compact. Somehow, the photos helped me to connect and understand each of them. A thoughtful design to let the readers look into their eyes and hear their voices.

Get the book. Read. Re-read. And read it again.

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