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From the rugged hills and the blood-soaked sands of Afghanistan and the Frontier region to the political drama that is being played out in the corridors of power of India and Pakistan, the novel delves deep into the conspiracies, conflicts and crisis that plague the subcontinent plunging it into a state of unimaginable turmoil. The unabated and growing menace of terrorism unleashed by al Qaeda, the Taliban and the innumerable jehadi outfits born, bred, nourished,…

Upheaval is the second novel by Indian Politician and former army man, Major Vijay Singh Mankotia of Himachal Pradesh.

As the title suggests the author has set the storyline of the Political Situation in the country some time back and interlaced it with the major events global events. The Story is of Delhi Durbar and the power brokers and coterie which moves the things in Delhi’s power circle and the main protagonist being the Prime Minister’ son who is an idealist and against dynastic succession in the political parties and chooses to side against his own mother, who was the Prime Minister but was totally surrounded and misguided by coterie.

The novel has a beautifully worded idealistic speech on the enigma, that is India, by the main protagonist which is the heart of the novel. In between as well, there are a lot of longish idealistic dialogues.

The author has perhaps tried to simulate too many global events into the storyline which were not required and have unnecessarily made the novel complicated and boring and also repeatitive towards the end.

Considering the fauji-cum-political background of the author, many times it appears it is his inner idealistic voice which he is trying to convey. 

Giving it a four-star for its authentic plot and immaculate language.

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