Words as Wizards

Words as Wizards

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The power of words cannot be over emphasized. The book is a collection of poems which are varied in themes and underscores the magic that words possess. Every poem is an outpour from the author’s heart and mind. It also has a small collection of poems that encompasses the fear and uncertainty of the Pandemic and spreads hope and positivity to those who are still reeling under its monstrous claws.

Words as Wizards by eminent writer/doctor Lalita Vaitheeswaran is a diverse collection of poems on a variety of themes. This book has 99 poems ranging from nature, philosophical musings, and celebrating life, among others. As this compilation was written during the pandemic, it also has verses that capture the fear in minds, and the hope nurtured in hearts for a brighter future. 

The book is successful in landing the central theme. Words have immense magic; they inspire, they transform, and they herald in change. I found the poems to be positive and uplifting. Some verses have an emotional edge that strikes a chord with the reader. I felt that this would be an ideal book for poetry reading sessions.

I have many favourites but listing my top five.

  1. Vagaries of life: 

The gigantic waves I stare

Raging high to reach its zenith

Plummeting to a blank zilch bare

This verse describes the beauty of nature like the waves, the mountains, and the stars. The author introduces a philosophical angle to these vagaries of nature. The descriptions are very visual indeed and transport you to these locales.

  1. Mother:

Oh Mother! Without your swaddle and gentle lap

I would know not where to go

Simple, elegant lines that house immense emotion within them. This poem touched my heart the most as I resonated with every line and my eyes misted.

  1. Life is Magical:

Dear life,

No one can but fall in love with your array

You change the dull seed into a lush green

This uplifting poem marvels at the wonder that life is. The tone of this verse is philosophical. The author compares life to a bubble that bursts on and off, not knowing where it comes from and where it goes.

  1. Justice:

Justice delayed is justice denied

ORDER! ORDER! The gavel is banged

This is a firecracker of a verse that demands fairness and retribution for women. It depicts the emotions of women who are tired of the violence meted to them and want immediate justice. This captures the contemporary pulse- reminding me of recent events across the globe.

  1. Words as Wizards:

Words are not just words,

They can cast a spell!

Innocuous as they seem,

In a magic world they dwell!

This is the titular poem that captures the spirit and essence of the book. Writers are indeed sorcerers that can conjure wonders out of nothingness. Read this book to immerse yourself in the sheer wizardry of well-crafted words and verses.

I received this book as part of a Penmancy giveaway.


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