The Deadly Dozen: India’s Most Notorious Serial Killers

In this hair-raising account of twelve stories you would get a peak into the twisted minds of people who seemingly look ordinary and unsuspecting but are vicious to the core.


The Women Who Ruled India

Easily, this is one of the best non-fiction books that I have read in recent times. Not only is this highly recommended but I also hope that our youngsters learn a thing or two about these women to understand that in spite of rampant patriarchy at different times in our history there were many path-breaking people who broke the barriers and overcame rebuke.


the real beauty of the book lies in the way the protagonist deals with the ups and downs of her own life. When the whole world shuts its doors on her, how she carves out her new identity and sails through life’s storms with her independent thinking and perseverance, is portrayed beautifully.

The Secret Of The Palamu Fort

The book is an engaging, swift read that keeps you riveted till the end (when the mystery unfolds). I recommend this book to anyone who’s mind is titillated by mystery and intrigue. In fact, this book is quite the Bollywood Masala Movie type.

The Red Line

The book is well thought out and executed. The plot has many tendrils, but at no point does it
digress from the main plot. Everything adds to the build-up of the finale.

Devil’s Advocate

I had always loved hearing Karan Thapar interviewing celebrities and political bigwigs and the way he had always put them in an uncomfortable position- Hard Talk, Devil’s Advocate, To the point, Off The Cuff, etc. His weekly article in the Sunday edition of Hindustan Times is a must-read for me. Though I hardly knew his Read more

A Skyful of Balloons

The author has created a literary wonder with her mighty pen. It makes the reader laugh, cry and look for hope along with Preeti, the female protagonist, as she continues her journey from being madly in love with her childhood sweetheart to later looking for hope in her life.

The Reluctant Debutante

The story is about identical twins who share similar looks but whose personalities are starkly different. The so-called troublemaker twin of the two impersonates her a rather saintly counterpart in a “social event”(read: beauty contest) held in France, at the goody-goody sister’s behest.

Everything, Everything

The story touches the hopes, dreams and experiences of a teenager without it being over the top or overly dramatic. And this where this one took my heart away. It is a story that would appeal to any age.

The Siege: The Attack on the Taj

The book is not for the faint-hearted. The narrative is so gripping that it draws you into a world
where at times you watch the terror unfold in front of your eyes. There are some brave hearts that
shine through in the narrative as well. This book is recommended for all those who like to read real-life stories with a hard-hitting narrative.

Man’s Search for Meaning

To say that the book has the potential to save lives would not be untrue. It is inspirational without being sermonic. It is wise without being imposing. It is enlightening. Grab it!

A Man from Mandu

The storyline is simple and gripping and you are engaged in the book throughout. The tales or stories which are narrated by baba as part of sermons are unique and definitely carry a deeper meaning for readers to reflect upon.

When Breath Becomes Air

The autobiographical account of the writer who is no more. This was the first reason that I picked up this one jumping the to-be-read. Of South Indian roots, Paul’s father had migrated to the US with his family and acquired citizenship there. The family flourished as each sibling followed their father’s footsteps becoming fine doctors Read more


The novel has a beautifully worded idealistic speech on the enigma, that is India, by the main protagonist which is the heart of the novel.

Second Honeymoon

Here comes a book that in its title conveys it all. The Boyd family consisting of a mother, father and three children have been staying together under one roof. As the children grow up and find their wings, it turns into an empty nest. Edie, in particular, finds it difficult to deal with losing her Read more