A History Of Insects

It is early 1956 and the British Empire is crumbling. But for nine-year-old Ella, living with her parents at the British High Commission in Peshawar, Pakistan, the walls of class, snobbery and racism are still intact. Growing up is a lonely, painful experience, and Ella withdraws, recording the hypocrisy of adult behaviour in her diary, A History of Insects, where she hides a secret that could shatter the lives of the people around her.

You Beneath Your Skin

The narration is unblemished and portrays the author’s efforts, to bring forth some mind-boggling facts. The story is bound to get you goosebumps and penetrate your skin. A gripping crime thriller that highlighted the dark facets of the Indian society.


The story is a wonderful blend of two worlds. The setting of one is in the Gupta dynasty, when the White Huns invaded India and the other is a modern-day setting. Both the narratives meet at a junction keeping the focus on the fictional story about the origin of chess, the Chaturanga.


Wonder is an excellent read, not just because it taught me how important it is to support the differently abled, but because it taught me that beauty is not about long hair or tanned skin. Beauty is something which is present inside, and radiates to the exterior of a person.

Driftwood – Stories Washed Ashore

Driftwood is a compilation of 12 short stories from a seaman’s life. The stories revolve around incidents on port, during the call to duty, the trials and tribulations seamen face, their fears, their hardships, etc.

Death At Midnight

Each character in the book has an individual voice. It is easily distinguishable from the others. Each character is introduced in a separate chapter in the book and that gives a reader ample time to identify with the character.

Lone Fox Dancing: My Autobiography

This book is a must for any budding or established author. Not only does it give insights into how he got the plots of many of his stories but also about the struggles of being only an author and trying to make a living out of it.