You Beneath Your Skin

The narration is unblemished and portrays the author’s efforts, to bring forth some mind-boggling facts. The story is bound to get you goosebumps and penetrate your skin. A gripping crime thriller that highlighted the dark facets of the Indian society.

Driftwood – Stories Washed Ashore

Driftwood is a compilation of 12 short stories from a seaman’s life. The stories revolve around incidents on port, during the call to duty, the trials and tribulations seamen face, their fears, their hardships, etc.

Death At Midnight

Each character in the book has an individual voice. It is easily distinguishable from the others. Each character is introduced in a separate chapter in the book and that gives a reader ample time to identify with the character.


the real beauty of the book lies in the way the protagonist deals with the ups and downs of her own life. When the whole world shuts its doors on her, how she carves out her new identity and sails through life’s storms with her independent thinking and perseverance, is portrayed beautifully.

The Secret Of The Palamu Fort

The book is an engaging, swift read that keeps you riveted till the end (when the mystery unfolds). I recommend this book to anyone who’s mind is titillated by mystery and intrigue. In fact, this book is quite the Bollywood Masala Movie type.

Why I am a Hindu

It was a golden chance for Tharoor to create a modern day classic on Hinduism and he used it to criticize his political opponents.