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1. When did you start writing and what inspired you to write?

My mother Nirmala Singh is a national acclaimed and published Poet. Her medium is Hindi but I have to say that it was she who inspired me to write from an early age. Although I started contributing more to the Facebook platforms only two years back.

2. Which books influenced much of your writing?

I love poetry so I have to say that it was poets like W H Auden, WB Yeats, W Wordsworth, J P Kinney, R Browning etc who inculcated in me a love for poetry. My best companions as a kid were books by Enid Blyton (all works), Sir A C Doyle (Sherlock Holmes series), Agatha Christie etc. I also read most of the classics in my teenage and they really enriched my language.

3. What do you think about Penmancy?

I love the platform. I started writing on Penmancy only about 6 months back. It was purely by chance that I discovered this platform on Facebook. In 6 months I feel I have grown as a writer on account of 2 reasons – 1) I have read some stuff written by really prolific writers and that has broadened my creativity. 2) I have received some fantastic and detailed feedback on my shortcomings and that has really helped me to hone my craft.

4. Which Penmancy writers you like and why?

I have enjoyed reading the work of Shweta Singh, Sheetal Ashpalia, Shailja Pai, Larissa Falco, Beryl Zephyr, Kajal Kapur, Rham Dhel etc.

5. What advice you can give to fellow beginning writers in the community?

A solid piece of advice that I have always tried to follow is – Love fellow writers, embrace the wisdom of your mentors but literally and I mean literally revere your critics. The critics are the only ones who show you the mirror and I believe all writers need a healthy dose of it.


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