TALE-A-THLON is a writing event with five continuous and sequential writing challenges. It is the writing equivalent of the famed triathlon multisport race. Tale-a-thlon challenges you to face and overcome your creative hurdles to succeed in this contest of creative endurance. The event is open to anyone who is interested in it.

How to participate:

The participant has to write a series of 4 short stories of varying word count and one poem in a period of 30 days.

  • The first goal to complete is the 500-word story, to be written within a span of 3 days;
  • followed by the 1000-1500 word story in the next 6 days;
  • the 2000-2500 word story in the subsequent 9 days;
  • and finally the 4500-5000 word story in the final 12 days of the challenge.
  • The poem can be written anytime in the month.

Every section of the tale-a-thlon event will have a specific theme, which will change every month. These themes will only be revealed once you click that “take the challenge” button.

Duration of the challenge:

Since this challenge can be started any time of the month (even on the last day), remember you have 30 days to finish the series of 4 short stories and 1 poem of that particular month’s themes.

Challenge Giveaway:

On successful completion of the challenge,

  • the participant’s name will be entered in the Tale-a-thlon Hall of Fame
  • will be given a Certificate of Achievement
  • A beautiful novel will be delivered to their address.

True to the philosophy of penmancy.com, the tale-a-thlon dares the contestant to compete with their self, for it is rightly said that the best competition in life is with oneself and rewards us with lasting personal growth. So take the tale-a-thlon challenge today and let your creativity take wings and flourish!


Watch out for its opening…COMING SOON!!!

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