Takes the literary arts quite seriously

I am thankful that this platform actually takes the literary arts quite seriously in all aspects. And not only that, the admins make sure that each and every member who contribute is remembered, which is a mammoth task in itself. We are lucky to have a strong foundation of admins and members who do not engage in immature mild taunting of other writers and are consistent in appreciating each and every story of each and every writer over here, in a mature way, without the writers being forgotten after a month or so. And the best, there is equality over here as favouritism (where the stories of a certain writer is favoured over a potentially better one just because the admins favour them more and not because of sheer talent) is discouraged over here. And, if you think that you know it all, Penmancy will bring something fresh to the table that will knock your socks off. From little grammatical exercises to storytelling contests, I have always learnt something that has helped me greatly to improve my simple writing skills.

This is one of the platforms that will become very successful very soon! Keep it up, team!

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