The Juggler

The Juggler

The sun is unusually hot today. But… I love Summers… The days are longer.. gives more time for people to be outdoors.. on streets, in parks, in cafes… the city comes alive… tourists flock in summers.. means better money.

Hmm. where do I set up today.. performed in the square yesterday.. should go to the garden .. lots of locals would also be there… kids like to play in the fountain there .. they will love my act… have to pay rent or else that grumpy roommate will throw out..also have to pay the school fees for next year.. should I take up the offer of the other performers.. we can do shows then..No .. No..can’t keep doing this. Expenses are mounting.. haven’t sent any money home needs it for Mom’s medical expenses..Have to look for a stable job post the summers, street performance has lost it’s charm.. too many performers.. hardly any tips.


Ah! Yes.. decent crowd today..AHHH!!! …Patrick is here too..he will also be juggling… people will distribute their tips!! But he knows not, that I have learnt a new trick.. should get more tips with that…so, first music.. lets attract the crowd.. hmm .. what should I play today? Hip Hop.. it’s happy music.. yes.. so that’s decided.. next .. warm up a little.. just some dance… kids have started looking … should start with normal hat juggling.. ok.. concentrate.. up go the hats..hmm.. can hear kids giggling.. can’t have eye contact.. ok.. some rounds done.. time to interact with crowd.. Patrick is also performing..Oh he is performing with the acrobat.. two performances.. people will get attracted there.. talk to the crowd, keep attention here..

“Hey beautiful people. Having fun? Great.. so how is the act holding up for you? What do you want to see next? Balls? Pins? Will do that..But wait till the end and you are in for a treat. Don’t miss out. And if you like the act, please drop in tips in the hat.”

Hmm..  let’ s get it more engaging.. Balls.. classic.. people have seen it with three balls.. I will perform with four.. that’s the thing.. be better than the others in the market.. how else would you earn better.. yes.. got their attention, Eh? Claps..not many though!! Time to up the game..pins… ahh haa.. yes!! Break time.. neck is aching, looking up in the air all the time.. hands too..

Not much yet in the hat… ah look at the crowd .. people making videos.. taking a picture.. but money .. they don’t part with.. no appreciation for the hard work..still..should start with the last segment. That’s the money spinner..

Fire torches.. yes.. now I hear cheers too.. up goes one .. another one.. Yay!!.. Take a bow.. yes..

“Ready for the last one?”

Knives.. have to be careful. wrong move and the knife can hit the eye.. why are my hands sweating…forgot the powder…it will become slippery.. shall I stop..Can’t.. it will be anti-climatic..

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… pain.. pain.. NO.. Help!!!!

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… pain.. pain.. NO.. Help!!!!


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