With Violet Gratitude

With Violet Gratitude

Grateful for each purple bruise by the people,
Which hewn a paragon out of ugly stone
Carved out a David for every Goliath
Bestowed hope of justice to souls known, unknown…
With smile she eradicated each bias,
Stood confident even when hounded by wolves,
With firm faith in self, in her motives pious,
As  skies kept mum; she continued to evolve!
Like a star she exploded in bright purple,
Supernova – clouds of violet glory,
Unshackled , in lilac light-bursts she was free!

Poet’s Notes- 
*David – In one sense-  One of Micheal Angelo’s most beautiful creation chiseled out of unshaped  stone with each blow of hammer. 
In poetic sense – courage against demonic oppression. 
**Supernova – is the titanic explosion of a massive Star, a spectacular sight which stays for weeks making the galaxy beautiful even in death

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