From the grid below, choose one setting and character to write a story. You may introduce other characters, but the main character should be from the list. Also, the setting selected must be the primary setting and you may introduce alternate settings as flashbacks or backstory, but the main event should occur in the given choices. In other words, the entire story should take place in any one of the five settings given.

  • Send in your entries to in a word document along with a 2-3 line bio (not required if previously sent) and a cover picture for your story (optional).
  • The subject of your mail should be “Entry for #YouMay″ (compulsory).
  • Instantly earn 250 Penmancy Points on submission.


  1. Use the theme to write your fictional story. Any genre is acceptable.
  2. The submitted story must be between 2800-3000 words (each). Entries lower than or exceeding the word limit will stand disqualified for the event. (Penmancy Tip: Use to check your word count.)
  3. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit- though only one of them will qualify for winning.
  4. Previously published or plagiarised works will not be considered for contention. The writer of such content stands to be disqualified for the next Penmancy event.
  5. Stories found to have been shared on another platform or blog before the declaration of results stand disqualified from the event.
  6. In case a story is received after the submission deadline, it shall be considered as a guest entry and shall not qualify for the event, so please be mindful.

Winning criteria:

  1. Submitted entries to be adjudged based on the premise, flow, grammar and presentation.
  2. The entries to be adjudged by a panel of judges and event organisers.
  3. All writers are required to read and comment on 5 stories other than their own and encourage their fellow writers with valuable and constructive inputs. Comments like “nice”, “good work”, “brilliant piece”, etc. do not provide the necessary critique and is not helpful for anyone.
  4. 2 winners will be sent a beautiful book sleeve from Reading Owl Creations
  5. The last date of submission is May 31, 2019 (Friday). Winners shall be announced on June 7, 2019 (Friday).
  6. For questions related to the rules and criteria, please write to us at or through the Contact Us section on the website.


Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the submitted stories for the event:


He woke up to the chilling voice that whispered the four most feared words. "There is... no... escape!" The blinding ...
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Having studied in the Paris School of Art for the last 2 years, Arul had visited the Louvre Museum quite ...
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Darkness in the Den

Anand stood before the empty canvas mounted on his easel. White. Plain white. He stared at it, his brush in ...
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The Adventures of Musa and Siya

The dilapidated door to the basement opened with a squeaking sound and the big heavy hands of a man ruthlessly ...
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The Pious Love

From the sweltering summer of India to the freezing winter of Canada, Rohan has traversed a long journey to pursue ...
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Tranquillity of Life

Happiness cannot be measured and varies in degree from person to person. The attractive lady looked at the mirror; and ...
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The Concert

“Watch it. You’ll drop the lights.” Mr Bijju yelled out a warning to the employee who was unloading them. “Goddamn ...
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Circle of Life

They had been eagerly awaiting this occasion; the birth of their first child. And to celebrate it, had decided to ...
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The Masterpiece

I always wonder if the view of any city these days is similar from a rooftop. The way the cities ...
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When Paths Cross

Sasha pushed open the door of the rooftop terrace of the building and walked in. She let out a long ...
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Ask Melanie

The sun peeked into her basement apartment from the window high up, near the ceiling. It was the only time ...
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The Nanny in C-804

Hi there. Let me introduce myself. I’m the elevator in wing ‘C’ of Seaview Heights, a plush highrise inhabited by ...
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