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The Power of Love

Then came forth a voice, “It is time, let the curtains fall!” But he just raised his hand, “No, not ...
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What We Become…

Her hands trembled as she pulled the covers over her head. I watched her quietly from the shadows with a ...
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Epistles of Endearment

“Charlotte, clean up the shelf fast. I can’t wait till evening” said Dolores. “Yes mom I will try my best ...
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Yesterday, Once More

Anushka had had a long day at work. She made herself a cup of hot chocolate and flopped on to ...
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Room 24

It was the stench emanating from the room that alerted the neighbors. They gathered outside, mostly the men, covering their ...
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Roses are red, Violets are blue!

‘Thank God it’s Friday’, the thought crossed Charu’s mind as she entered her apartment complex balancing her laptop bag, a ...
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Remember the good old days when the hand-written words meant more to us than an e-mail/text would ever do? Those days when the fresh fragrance of ink wafted through the envelops to unleash a world of emotions. The times when a letter handed to someone, or received by someone in the mail was a special occasion. Let’s bring back those times… or maybe just try to bring those memories.

This February, a letter is about to change the way you write your story. Imagine a letter being received by you suddenly. Whether this letter is mistakenly sent to you or you found it somewhere in the attic or was deliberately slid from under your door– whatever it may be, it surely has a story to tell. Let’s hear that story, the story behind the letter- as if we’re reading it to someone and the listener says, “I’m glad you shared this story with me”.

Simply put: You found a letter, which may or may not be addressed to you,  then write a story about what is written in it. Interpret it the way you want as long as your main story is based on that letter.

So pick up your thoughts, imagine the events that resulted in this letter and write them down. Bare all creativity you’ve got, bring it close and make it heartfelt. Then release it in the Universe for others to experience it. (Actually, send it to us and we will help you deliver them!)

Send in your entries to in a word document along with a 2-3 line bio (not required if previously sent) and a cover picture for your story (optional). The subject of your mail should be “Entry for #YouveGotMail″ (compulsory). Instantly earn 250 Penmancy Points on submission.


  1. Use the theme to write your fictional story. Any genre is acceptable. 
  2. The submitted story must be between 1800-2000 words (each). Entries lower than or exceeding the word limit will stand disqualified for the event. (Penmancy Tip: Use to check your word count.)
  3. There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit- though only one of them will qualify for winning.
  4. Previously published or plagiarised works will not be considered for contention. The writer of such content stands to be disqualified for the next Penmancy event.
  5. In case a story is received after the submission deadline, it shall be considered as a guest entry and shall not qualify for the event, so please be mindful.

Winning criteria:

    1. Submitted entries to be adjudged based on the premise, flow, grammar and presentation.
    2. The entries to be adjudged by a panel of guest judges and event organisers.
    3. All writers are required to read and comment on 5 stories other than their own and encourage their fellow writers with valuable and constructive inputs. Comments like “nice”, “good work”, “brilliant piece”, etc. do not provide the necessary critique and is not helpful for anyone.
    4. 2 winners will be sent a beautiful novel in the genre of their submission to their address along with a special Penmancy “token of appreciation“.
    5. The last date of submission is February 28, 2019 (Thursday). Winners shall be announced on March 6, 2019 (Wednesday).
  1. For questions related to the rules and criteria, please write to us at or through the Contact Us section on the website.


The event shall be adjudged by:

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