6 Tips on Building a Writing Career

Aliza Zulfiqar posted under Writing Tips on 2022-04-14

If you are an avid and dedicated writer hoping to build your career in doing what you love, this post is a must-read!

Unlike olden times when content writers were only restricted to newspapers or magazines, endless career opportunities have developed over time to facilitate you and your career as a writer. From writing fiction to creating technical content, writing offers you diversity.

Other than accessing companies like Career Success Australia, here is how you can get the boost you are hoping to find:

1. Enhance Your Skills

Having a love for writing won’t solely be enough to help you build a career. It will help if you work on enhancing your writing skills to grab the readers’ attention since the market has become highly competitive.

You can find multiple certified courses, paid and free both, that will give an insight into what type of writing is popular and appreciated by the audience or how you can write correctly when it comes to optimization of content. 

Besides, the certification will make your CV more attractive to companies. 

2. Practice

We all agree with the cliché’ practice makes a man perfect; however, it works like a charm when it comes to writing. The more you practice, the more you will excel at it. Do not wait for a job; write every day. 

Take 30 minutes each day and write about things you like or dislike. You need to work on increasing your writing speed while decreasing the chances of making mistakes. 

Take your free time as an opportunity to practice your writing skills. You can pen down anything; the drill is not to give up because writing skills rust easily. If you love writing, make practising your habit!

3. Look for Platforms to Make Your Work Public

Kudos to the age of digitalization; there are many online platforms and websites that can help you start your career as a writer.

Look for blogs that can publish your work and get you an identity in the world of writing. All you need is to browse through their website. Check what pieces of writing they prefer to publish and which the audience more welcomes one. 

Outreach them through the given email and see if they can publish your work. You might not get paid, but you will surely be able to take your first step towards career building. 

4. Build a Blog

Blogging has become one of the best known to earn through writing. It might require a lot of time, effort and patience you the results are guaranteed. 

Once you have made yourself known and got some audience who loves to read your work, you are set to have a separate blog. 

You will love the liberty you will get to write. Create a virtual space for the readers where they can find relatable and original content, and you can enjoy doing what you love the most!

5. Get a LinkedIn Profile

If you want to be known by digital marketing agencies or other companies in the corporate world, you must consider creating a LinkedIn profile. 

It is so far the best-known platform that lets you find authentic jobs. Employers that are looking for writers get easy access to your work and portfolio and can offer you a job directly. 

You can also seek professional help to get your LinkedIn profile designed and make it more attractive. 

6. The Bottom Line

There is no end to a writing career. You can keep on excelling in it, and the job opportunities can continue to increase. The key is to focus on polishing your skills. Enhance your knowledge, read a lot, practice in your free time, and try new ways to improve your work. 

Get feedback from your family and friends, and also, be your own critic! Practising and reassessing is the key to your success!