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A Mighty Heart

Alone she walked through the woods With a mighty heart inside The sublime beauty of the night Killed by the sounds of her despair Rolling through her cheeks Drops of tears fall like winter dew drops Her breath sometimes slow sometimes fast Like an unbearable catastrophe Lusty eyes didn’t spare her joviality Her innocence was […]

Recollections of a Lumberjack

The glint of twilight interlacing through those snow-laden thickets of deciduous pine, Seemed to dispense a note of time to his shivering arms and a wavering mind After he finished wiping an exuding countenance and reposed for a wheezy breath, the old lumberjack from North, spared a thought for his life – that was far […]

One Winter Night

On a winter night, awaits a pretty sight. As snow is falling down, A blanket of beauty covers the town. Your heart fills with joy, as you see it tomorrow or today. When you look at this piece of art, it takes your breath away. Whether you are in the Arctic or a simple, busy […]

The Siren

She lay there, splayed in the cold winter night, dark charcoal eyes now wide open in fright, naysayers would claim she didn’t put up a good fight! She was the epitome of beauty and poise, a darling of the cinematic world, and coy; she lived her life and thought with her heart not head, ‘Real […]

And then comes the winter

And then comes the winter suddenly, fiercely Leaving the forest shrouded in snow and silence. The dark night sky is so deep and translucent That you can see through a million years ago. Tonight a thousand stars have disappeared Forever engulfed by the abyss of time Like old friends, you shall never see again The […]

As once when I stood on the cliff of years

As once when I stood on the cliff of years Whose plumbless depths filled my heart The touch of time cold and relentless Though white winter was so far away. Many alabaster dawns have passed by And many pure and splendid dusks too But the cliff and the abyss are still so near Like yesterday’s […]

Before You’re Gone

Pack me in your heart Before you’re gone Let us share one last breath together Let me behold you and caress you Let me make enough warm memories To stay alive for the coming lonely nights Let me believe one last time In the beauty of life You by my side in this cold winter […]

The Winter Beast

Here falls the autumn, And comes the winter beast I wish I could make a blanket of the last summer sun And wrap around me before it comes This one shall hold no mercy For those who lay shelterless on a cold street While some admire its beauty The homeless dread the rise of this […]

The Roadside Acquaintance

The day was Monday, the month was December, My feet were struggling to step out. For experiencing this chilling winter. Along the street in the dark night, Were the snowy trees wearing street light. My hands were shivering, were chuckling in my pocket, My heart was mumbling, wanting to propel like a rocket. Out of […]

The Statue of Loss

There it dwells still and wry, On top of the hillside, alone and leafless I wonder often if it was once alive? In snowy winter, it ignores the breath of air A brave heart defying death without any fear. Quiet as a seer who has turned pale Whose wisdom speaks, through stories and tales Rests […]

Born Again

You came on a winter night When I felt your breath My heart warmed My baby. You look at me Wide eyes Curl your fingers Around my thumb Your cries for two hours For milk Irritate me sometimes I remind myself I can’t expect You to feed yourself now, can I? Time is waterfalling Already […]

An Ode to Winter

Autumn left and allowed winter to set The days get shorter, the nights lengthen Long nights give the warmth of the cosy quilt. Dawn lightens up with birds chirping Oh! The refreshing morning As if calling everyone to go outside. I open the door to go to the garden Dew sparkles on grass and leaves […]

A New Beginning

T’was the coldest winter, our hands entwined You gave me that smile I had not seen in a while I knew then there was something in your mind. You said, “This is the last night that we would be together –So let’s cherish it, a night to remember.” My heart ached, my mouth dry I […]

A Winter’s Tale

Oh, the start of winter, Enough to fill the mind, With hope and delight, Of a new day. Each breath of morning dew, The cool breeze around, Brings a feeling of glee, And makes everything anew. The night is filled with wonder, Snowflakes everywhere, Or a burst of cold wind, That brings out the sweaters! […]


The circle of life moves on. After a day there is a night. I want to sleep forever in the cover of darkness. It’s winter, so sleep too is deep. The cool air takes my breath away The heart is at peace as is the body. The moment is as if to be drowned in […]