A Break Through 

A Break Through 

The essence in the survival of soul
Lies in to nurture, sustain and upkeep 
As the finite worldly coil comes in scroll 
With hope and determined spirits, we leap.

The brain and the heart if kept in attune  
The essence in the survival of soul 
Are the grains that will make our life festooned 
With health, sanguinity and ardent goals.

So foster self to store chaste energies
And acquire peace that reside within soul 
A home to dreamlike marvels of glories  
The essence in the survival of soul.

When hard luck strikes paddle your own canoe
And trust in prowess of self to extol
The truest chords we need to dwell into
The essence in the survival of soul.

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One thought on “A Break Through 

  1. Profound thoughts to dwell on.The poem was seamless in its theme, the essence of soul..beautiful.

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