A candlelight dream

A candlelight dream

The flame is flickering low
I close my eyes
Deep into my mind I go
I let the long hidden thoughts rise

I am guided through the unfathomable darkness,
by the love, solitary candle flame.
The soft light music overrides the blackness
in every nook it echoes your name.

My heart cries out for you aloud
I long for your arms to encircle me
but to my utter silence, myself I have vowed,
you will have to understand by what you see.

Just as the embers slowly fade and die
leaving the room pitch black behind
our longings best inside us lie
in the innermost recesses of our mind.

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One thought on “A candlelight dream

  1. A nice poem about lost love but marred with a few certain errors. The second line in the second stanza appears to need rephrasing. It is not clear whether it is the candle flame or the memories of lost love guiding the poetess through the darkness of her mind. Also, “nook” is best used in a phrase as in “nook and corner.” The third line in the third stanza should have been “but to utter silence, myself I have vowed” (without “my” so the line doesn’t sound awkward). Nevertheless, you have nicely concluded the poem with final lines that would stay in the reader’s mind for a long time to come. All in all, it is an excellent poem that proclaims your great potential. Keep penning more of them!

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