A Christmassy Ride

A Christmassy Ride

I woke up with a start to a cold, winter morning in my house, in the small village of Norramby. I found it hard to get out of bed, but it was the day of the Christmas party! With that thought crossing my mind, I jumped out of bed to take a bath and get dressed.

My school’s an hour ride away, with my childhood friend Thomas, the tank engine. He had taken me to school for years, aboard him. We are inseparable. I ran down the stairs to have my breakfast, where my mommy baked the gingerbread.

She asked, “Are you ready for the Christmas party at school today, honey? Thomas and Percy will be along soon.”

I nodded excitedly, and she took away my now empty plate. I walked down to the station and waited for Thomas and Percy to arrive, they were supposed to be carrying the presents for the Christmas party.

Thomas and Percy soon chugged in. They seemed a little moody, had they been fighting?

I shouted, “Merry Christmas! Thomas and Percy! Everything alright?”

Thomas replied, “Yes, yes! Come one! We have to get you to school! The Christmas party will start soon.”

I climbed aboard and we took off. We zoomed past the landscape of Sodor, passing the large wheat fields. Thomas was going a little too fast for my comfort, but he was probably trying to catch up with Percy who raced ahead of us. They seemed perkier than usual, Thomas, when catching up with Percy, vroomed his engine at him. I hoped everything was alright between them.

Suddenly, Thomas zoomed towards the crossing and so did Percy. They seemed to be doing some sort of race! Percy sped ahead but was followed by Thomas, the crossing got closer and closer until Thomas finally reached before Percy.

Thomas yelled, “I win! I win! I beat you, Percy!”

He pulled a tight brake and in less than a second, all his mail came tumbling out as carriages bumped into one another.

Percy let out a hearty laugh but when he pulled the brakes all of his mail fell out too. Both of them started to fight, whining and blaming each other for what had happened, until, I finally had enough of their bickering.

I cried, “Stop fighting! None of that rubbish is going to help us now! We need to find all the mail!”

They both instantly stopped fighting, Thomas said to me, “You are right, my friend! But where are we supposed to find the letters and presents now? They could have blown halfway across Sodor by now!”

“We must try to find them, though! The postmaster will be quite cross with us if he finds out that we lost all the mail!” said Percy.

I said, “Let’s search for it! The mail couldn’t have only blown far.”

We found Percy’s mailbags right there on the tracks, while Thomas’ was no mail here to be found. I looked through every nook and cranny, and searched to and fro to find the mail but had no luck. Suddenly, Thomas and Percy called me over.

I walked across the tracks and asked, “Where is the mail? I don’t see it anywhere!”

Thomas signalled with his eyes towards the field where all the mail was scattered around. Clearly, they couldn’t go and pick up the mail, so I had to go searching in the wheat field while Thomas and Percy cheered me on. The letters and presents were dotted around everywhere, so I went all around the field to find the letters.

When I picked up what, I thought, was the last mail, I remembered that I was supposed to be at the Christmas party. I quickly brought the mail back to them.

I exclaimed to Thomas and Percy, “I found all the letters and presents, but I missed my Christmas party.”

They gasped saying they completely forgot, apologising, but I reassured them that I was extremely content to be a part of ushering Christmas joys to so many people.

I climbed back on, and we zoomed towards my school once more. Our little Christmas chronicle proved that where there is a will, there’s always a way.

Thomas and Friends is a famous railway series loved by many. It is set up in the imaginary island of Sodor and it’s surrounding villages.

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