A Deadman Calling

A Deadman Calling

Shaina joined her MBBS in one of the most prestigious colleges of India. She found her gang of friends within a few days of joining. They were all fun loving and vivacious girls. All of them were avid readers and also shared an adventurous streak and a love for playing pranks on people. 

The anatomy dissection classes were to be held  in the afternoon. The students had just heard about the stories of dissection of cadavers (cutting up of the dead bodies to study human anatomy details). They were also told about the horror tales of cadavers getting up and walking like zombies. This was a part of their ragging. And the naive ones actually believed in those anecdotes and couldn’t sleep throughout the night.

After a few days of counselling,  introduction and acclimatization tour of the college,  the classes started. As they entered the dissection halls, long rows of stainless steel tables with long blue bags packed with cadavers welcomed them. The scent of the embalming fluids mixed with the smell of formalin hovered in the air, making them all all teary eyed. Soon the bags were opened and the first sight of a dry shriveled dead remains of a human body caused a few to faint and collapse on the ground. A few stood still, shaking from within where as a few others were strong and coundn’t wait to cut open the cadaver. 

Shaina felt a shiver run across her spine when she first saw the cadaver but soon she overcame her fears. She and her friends looked around, checking out the good looking boys in the class. They were all on the same table much to the dislike of a few studious ones who thought they were a distraction. Boys noted, they chose the boys they had crushes on and discussed it with one another later over tea.

One afternoon, after her lunch, Shaina felt a bit sleepy and checking that their was still time for the dissection class, she lay down on her bed and dozed off. When she got up, she was already late by five minutes. She quickly wore her white apron and ran for the college building. As she reached the dissection hall, she quietly and tip- toed quietly. Seeing nobody there, she stood there wondering where could the rest of her classmates gone. Being alone in a hall full of cadavers gave her a creepy feeling. And as she then  turned around to leave, she felt a tap on her sholuder and a voice from behind her asked, ‘Hello, is it me you are looking for?’  

Fear gripped her and she swooned directly into the arms of one of her friends. The dissection had been called off for some reason and so her naughty friends had planned a prank on her. 


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