A Father’s Repentance

A Father’s Repentance

It was heavy rainfall outside the court, on the Friday morning. 

Nature seemed to caution Mr. Kumar for the injustice he been doing over the years.

The courtroom wasn’t occupied, and the attorneys were discussing over the Kumar’s case. 

The family was separated, the younger son Niroop was positive over winning this case while the elder daughter Neetu was shattered in pain.

 Mr. Kumar, the father of these siblings was still and unspoken. 


Kumar often said, ‘Giving son a skill is more worth than bringing up a daughter. Tomorrow, all she wants is to get married and to share my wealth, but only a son thinks of augmenting.

‘Why do you need a good college Neetu? Why don’t you understand that your brother will need my savings for his higher education?’ 

‘I’m not interested, even if you have the finest job offer in the world. I have chosen a boy and it’s best for you to bow.’ 

Being a father, he smashed Neetu’s childhood with his own hands, her needs, desires, and dreams were apathetic.


History repeated itself when Neetu’s daughter Mia also had to compromise for her cousin brother, Sam.

‘Mia, take care of your brother, learn responsibilities. ‘ 

‘That toy is for Sam, and you should wait for your turn.’

‘It doesn’t matter if the treehouse is meant for both. It was a gift for Sam and until he wishes to, you need to stay away. ‘

This was one form of abuse that Mr. Kumar has been doing since ages. He neither loved his daughter nor his granddaughter. 


One unfortunate evening, Mia couldn’t resist and sneaked into the tree house on her tippy toes. 

She was all thrilled to climb up the wooden ladder and reach the top for the first time. 

The little girl’s heart jumped in joy exploring the view. 

Mia never understood why she wasn’t her grandpa’s favorite and why it was always been hard to impress.

Lost in thoughts and enjoying the treehouse, little she hadn’t noticed was furious Sam following. 

Panicked Mia apologized and begged him to keep this secret. 

But Sam has been a spoiled brat and pushed Mia down the treehouse.

THUD… she landed on a stone smashing head and breathed her last.

Neetu’s screams went into hush and the whole family stood around in aghast.  

Niroop embraced his only son and believed his father will standby.


Absorbed in thoughts Mr. Kumar finally understood the delinquent nature towards his own kin. 

All his life blinded in the love for the son he hindered the daughter’s desires.

For once his daughter questioned for justice in silence, shouldn’t he be unbiased? 


Present day, standing in the witness box, Mr. Kumar stood by the truth.

 He might not have adored his granddaughter like he should have, but he didn’t want to set this as an example to grandson.

After all, this was the least he could do to console his daughter.  

He hoped for Neetu’s forgiveness someday.
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