A Feminist Prelude

A Feminist Prelude

Her eager pride tied loosely with her stainless stride 

Measured repeatedly with aged, rusted needles and pins

Thick questions borne out of that chimney soot

Where answers are hanging from the flimsy clouds on the clothesline

Threadbare hopes fueling the shades of fushia

When the grey sky’s unsewing the despairing hemline 

Meanwhile the burnt-out edges of that impatient yester-night

May have cowered into the fledgelings of the Stardust tonight

And the morning newspaper may also sing the old story of some caged imageries

Yet a hummingbird will flap her wings somewhere on the horizon

And even though in December she may run into a room smelling of molds

Yet certain of the promises of spring that preludes the streets with marigold 

And she will reclaim the muddy cohort of that ancient woman

Weathering witnessing, yet pursuing the redemption of that infantile dream.


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