A Fiery Hued Saga

A Fiery Hued Saga

So spoke the sun, its quintessence lies in me
Basking in its belly, sustaining life’s tree
Canary, dandelion and yellow
Versatile is my hue, edacious is my plea

Voracious I am, everything but mellow
Scathing in me, umpteen “sati” did bellow
Life, death, nothing is beyond my knocks
Devours everything, my spirit, a flaming yellow

Beholder I am, to unions, to wedlocks
Unleashing souls from bodies, halts when their life clocks
A sword I am, double edged
Used, misused are my building blocks

With the five elements, I am wedged
For destruction, ruination, I am alleged
But only when my might is misjudged
Do I roar, rumble to my ability, full fledged


*Edited after results were announced to adhere to the chain rhyme scheme

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