A Game of Fate

A Game of Fate

It was that time of the day when the hills lit up with hundreds of bulbs and lamps peeping from here and there. The starry sky embraced the hamlet like a mother spreading her arms to shield her babies. The setting sun emboldened the winter chill, yet the raging hearths in the village and town spread their warmth. The warmth however failed to reach the tender heart and soul of this ten year old shivering under the worn out blankets in a reeking attic of a shaky house atop the hill. 

You and I would find it surprising, “Why would a chirpy ten year old be destined to this misfit surrounding?” A game of twisted fate.

Angie lost her mother to a severe illness two years ago. However, she considered herself orphaned as she had absolutely no connection she felt with her father. As was destined, father remarried and Angie was marched over to live with some ageing distant aunt in this tiny hamlet hidden in the hills. Her comforts snatched away, she never could come to terms with her new surroundings. Well……it was status quo till that evening. 

As she hurried to wrap up her never ending and seemingly only her share of house work, she was startled to see a weird looking creature right next to the kitchen stove. She pinched herself repeatedly because whatever little she remembered of the fairy tales, such creatures were goblins and they existed only in fairy tale fantasies. 

“Don’t be scared Angel Angie! I’m your lucky charm!” 

Angie stepped back confused and in utter disbelief. “Not possible”, she whispered

“Yes, my dear! Im here to take you sorrows away. Bring back the smile on your face and enrich your life with love”, the goblin grinned.

Angie stood transfixed. Every night, she slept with this dilemma of how her life could change. Her tender heart yearned for the innocent pleasures of life. She could not believe that her predicament was solved.

As midnight approached, the chill got unbearable as the ramshackle blanket slipped and Angie tossed and turned to gather it around her frail frame. As this struggle continued, the first peek of dawn caressed her face. She woke up with a start…….had it been a dream! She wasn’t sure. 

Without wasting anymore time, she jumped out of the creaky bed, slipped on her warmers and tattered coat, gathered her little treasures (mostly her mother’s memoirs) and tip toed down the staircase. And voila…..” the door was ajar and she thought she saw a shadow. She ran through the door and someone behind her was kind enough to shut it too. Once out, she could hardly feel the cold and it was like she was sliding down the hill. On looking back, she saw the little hand of her dream friend waving. Before she knew it, a carriage stood before her and door opened to welcome her into a warm lap and warm wrinkled hands. She looked up into the soft eyes of her maternal grandmother…..her Granny Momma! Angie lay in her lap and drifted into a deep and happy slumber.
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