A Golden Awakening

A Golden Awakening

(That day, 02nd January, 2019 02:02:02 hrs)…

The pale crescent moon shone like a silver claw against the night skies. Kaavya was cradling on her soft mattress like a  crooning baby in a deep slumber. The gentle breeze from the windows brushed against her smooth skin as a few stands of hair softly kissed her gentle angelic face. A soft, gracious smile that spread across her face expressed tenderness. The Heavens were watching this beholding sight. The clouds cleared and the moon shone brighter in a glittering glow. This night seemed to fall into a deep silence beckoning the Angels from Paradise.   

As the night transcended deeper, the Heavens unexpectedly split open to reveal a blinding glow. A curtain of blazing golden light enveloped Kaavya’s tender form.  The air around started spinning at full steam. It felt as if the Earth below had slipped and her entire body was vacuumed deep into infinity towards the vast Cosmos. Her body was sucked deeper and deeper into a flash. Her breath stopped and after what seemed like hours, she came to an abrupt halt on the surface of Kryptoreum1 580.


(Beyond the boundaries of time and space)…

An androgynous form stood at the surface of where the golden light had pulled her. The air was pleasantly warm enwrapping the land. The new form that stood illuminated a translucent, golden glow. The bare, naked, lean and chiselled body towered tall at over 20 feet tall. A notable feature was the form was devoid of genitals. The skull was notably large and a golden halo surrounded the crown. A triangular hollow was seen with a glint of golden light that emanated from just above the forehead over the top of the head. The face was subtle, chiselled and had prominent, striking features. The eyes, however, were small, sharp and rounded. A glow of an awakened Soul was reflected softly through the features. There were no airs of pride or knowledge; just a gentle smile of humility, peace and transcending bliss. The soil, light, growth, life forms, creations and everything that the eyes could behold had the “Aureum Glow”2.  The parent star shone brightly at a great distance against the golden skyline with a bright Crimson Gold. A thick, viscous, energy giving fluid floated at varied parts of Kryptoreum 580. An unanticipated glint of recognition dawned upon Kaavya. It was homecoming for her; a place where she truly belonged. Kaavya’s form had finally found its way back home to the Golden planet that was located precisely 580 light years away from the surface of Earth.


Kryptoreum 580, was a giant golden planet comprising of a land crust as hard as smoothened rock in a glint of gold. The whole surface was covered with fine sand like particles shimmering with the same golden sparkle. There were transparent giant crystal like domes on which the inhabitants worked that glistened in the bright rays of the parent stars… yes, stars because there was not one, but two parent stars on either side of Kryptoreum 580 as it performed its rotation around its own axis and revolution around the stars; never letting any dusk set in the planet.  There was bright light all through the days and Kryptoreum 580 knew no nights.  Life was very advanced and beyond the comprehension of the average human brain on Earth. There was deep density with a thick, heavy, warm air that was nothing like the light, airy and breezy atmosphere we have on Earth. There were wide patches of viscous, gold fluid that had a consistency between mercury and a freshly set jelly. The Souls on this planet lived from time immemorial until Eternity. There were no time restrictions, no time frame, no limits nor any boundaries or framework. There was no need to offer any instructions to each other. Each Soul knew exactly what they had to do and how the mission was to be achieved. The Source of energy was not through food that was eaten or consumed orally, but through the light that was drawn from the parent stars into the triangular hollow emanating a golden light glow located just above the forehead on the top of the head. Another major source of wisdom, youth, beauty, energy, strength and vitality was the thick viscous, golden fluid that contained precious elements with a rare composition that was similar the ancient “Somras”3 on Earth. The inhabitants were full of wisdom and exceptional knowledge. There were no children here, only adults. The entire planet was agender; rather androgynous. The Souls here were filled with truth, peace, tranquillity, consciousness, wisdom and Supreme bliss. The facial features were sharp and chiselled. Every form had striking similarities; a bright golden translucent body each towering over twenty feet tall, a muscular lean structure, smooth, butter-like skin, an exceptionally large skull that was hairless, a subtle, golden aura surrounding the crown region, thin and pursed lips with a peculiar beauty to it, a lean bridge chiselled for the nose, narrow, round eyes with a sharp glint of wisdom and focus, the kind of beauty that was unique. Every gentle form here had a face that appeared neither masculine, nor feminine. Each form had an unusual attraction that captivated hearts and made them feel endeared to all. Communication here was entirely Telepathic. Commuting was exclusively by means of Teleporting. Work was carried out through Telekinesis. The inhabitants could decide when to enter and leave the body they adorned. It was a mere garment that they wore to carry out the mission that they had set themselves on. Whenever they needed more help with carrying out the mission they were working on, they decided to create newer forms by splitting their own Souls and crafting another body to deposit their Soul half. The transfer of knowledge to the new form created was once again through Telepathy. There was never a dearth of anything that these Souls ever felt. This was a planet of sheer Abundance, absolute Contentment, Transcendental Bliss and everlasting Peace. On Kryptoreum 580, there was no concept of life or death, no reproduction, no conjugation, no gender, no duality, no darkness, no negativities, no ill-health, no weakness, no losses, no sorrows, no dearth, no end… This was undoubtedly a peace loving, high energy release planet whose main mission was to make the  Universe a better living place for all. The motive was to spread wisdom, peace, heighten energy levels, offer comfort and warmth while elevating the standards of living on planets around the universe. For this mission, many Souls were sent to other low frequency planets across the universe to help achieve their mission. Earth was one of them.


The parent planet- Kryptoreum 580 had called Kaavya back for a deliberate purpose. A message was received from Kryptoreum 580 sources working on various parts of planet Earth about a dangerous situation that was about to explode on Earth. An unknown Virus named “The Corona”4 was soon to be released in the latter half of 2019 and spread among the inhabitants of Earth like wild fire causing havoc and life threat. This plan was long anticipated and the enemy sources were developing this bio destruction module for over a decade. The last time Kaavya was home on Kryptoreum 580 was around January in 2009 when the planet- Rahava 4445 had planned and  initiated this set up of developing the virus in its laboratories and sending samples to its lower agents on Earth. 

Kaavya’s androgynous form immediately knew what had to be done. All guides on Kryptoreum 580 were here to transfer all the necessary codes and messages to them telepathically. All confidential information were exchanged in a jiffy. There was no wasting of  precious time. A bowl of the golden viscous liquid was quickly consumed. The form then offered a gentle kneeling on the ground with hands opened up skywards in a quick prayer. As the eyes closed in a state of deep meditation, the triangular hollow with the golden glint that emanated from just above the forehead over the top of the head flashed bright as it absorbed the energies of the Crimson gold parent star shining bright in the skies. A ray of light converged into the hollow thereby making the form glow completely in a brighter aura of subtle golden. The entire scene was a sight to behold and beyond the ordinary. The Mystical warm air spread over the planet was felt on the bare skin when the form was suddenly lifted upwards to be pushed again to where it was meant to go.


(That day, 02nd January, 2019 02:02:20 hrs)…

Kaavya was back on the same bed after a successful mission to her parent planet. Everything was in order. The breeze was still gently blowing outside the windows. The crescent moon was still glowing bright in the night skies. Not a single soul had noticed the disappearance. The aura circle was well protected and hidden to maintain confidentiality. The clock had exactly ticked 18 seconds from the time her form had gone missing from the soft bed and returned. This time, however, Kaavya was awake: alert and her face wore a purposeful look. It was time to head to the Confidential Research and Development Ward of the Medical Council of India centre. There was no time left to be wasted. She immediately woke up with a brisk start to wear her doctor’s coat and all of her medical gears including her identity card. She quickly collected her house and office keys and quietly sneaked out. 

Fortunately, she lived alone with her pet Gold fish in a lavish apartment that held only a single flat on every floor. The grand lift that directly gave users a card access to flats was coded and helped Kaavya directly drive into her apartment from the gigantic and luxurious entrance of the apartment complex. Privacy and security were deliberately and cautiously cared for. Kaavya was 42, but an absolute ingenious in her field of work. She headed the research and development at the Medical Council of India and was the most wanted and sought after persona in the entire medical radii. She was single, dynamic, charming and did not look  a day older than 25. Her confidence, knowledge, energy and power were way beyond the imagination of many experts in the field. She was the talk of the entire medical world having won many prestigious awards and accolades for her extensive research and discoveries for cures to deadly diseases in the past. She had travelled extensively and had been a part of many renowned seminars and workshops. Her global acclamation too were long and detailed to be described in a few words. Her titles, knowledge and constant research never ceased to come to a stand-still. She believed in being a student all her life. The miraculous part of the story was despite her power, rank, knowledge and accolades, she was super simple, extremely humble, people friendly and easily approachable. Unfortunately, in the bargain, Kaavya also had garnered innumerable unknown enemies from the medical field who burnt themselves in the jealousy and greed of her power, position and knowledge.


(That day, 02nd January, 2019 03:00:30 hrs)…

Her modest Sedan parked itself at the parking lot as Kaavya quickly clicked the car lock and rushed to her office. The illustrious medical council building was a treat to the eyes with the most luxurious and modern technology surrounding the expansive premises. After passing through a series of coded doors and entrances, she finally reached her magnificent office that was located on the 23rd Floor of the tall building. The gateway to the office looked camouflaged as it merged into the background like being a part of the grand corridor. Only the people to whom this place mattered knew its exact located and the mysteries hidden therein. Kaavya’s finger print coupled with face recognition revealed the indoors to the majestic office. The room was spacious with many tables vastly spread across the entire area. There were different complex looking liquids, test tubes, chemical apparatus, computers, panels and gadgets beyond the understanding of the common man. The whole place was lit with a warm golden light that exuded a glow like that of the early morning sun rays filtered through a golden sheer. Kaavya immediately got to work. The Corona virus was a difficult one to combat. She knew from the messages received at Kryptoreum 580 that it was one of the hardest challenges she was to encounter. A strong anti-virus needed to be discovered quickly but time was ticking away. Before discovering an antidote, the virus was to be studied and that was still secretly hidden and locked in the custody of the armed enemies. A tense line appeared on her creaseless forehead as she tried hard to foresee the impending future.


(27th January, 2020 11:00:55 hrs)…

The first official case of Corona was reported in India at the Emergency Department in General Hospital, Thrissur, Kerala. News had reached Kaavya and she immediately rushed to Kerala by the first flight available on a VVIP pass to study the symptoms and other noticeable factors related to the Virus. The base work on how to create the antidote was already worked upon. In the last one year of Kaavya receiving the message, every night she had travelled to and fro Kryptoreum 580 to gather the needed updates and information from the source. She had worked tirelessly to reach the stage where she stood today. One message was clear. The Virus will be spreading globally across the planet. It wasn’t going to be a mere epidemic; it was a global Pandemic6. Her research on live patients in the country had started. 


(Present day: 23rd August, 2020 13:31:13 hrs)…

Millions of lives had shed their physical bodies. Death rates were on a constant rise. Lock downs were severely imposed across the country. Schools, public transport, offices, malls, shops and outings were closed. Businesses had suffered deeply. Labourers and daily wage workers had lost their livelihood. Corporates had announced work from home for their employees. Smaller forms eventually shut down. Hotels, restaurants, pubs, theatres became non-operational. The first wave of the virus had swiped the globe. Even the bodies of those patients who had died of Covid 197– the lethal disease caused by the fatal Corona Virus were not returned to the families. Their whereabouts were kept confidential. But, despite the gloom, Kaavya seemed exhilarated. The vaccine in India after its varied trials, research, study, discoveries and failed attempts had now gone for the final lab test. Kaavya knew that this one would be approved and acknowledged. Her efforts were to be paid off. The sleepless nights and days of work were deliberated upon only to bring a stop to the widely spread pandemic 

There were some prominent discoveries that Kaavya had made other than the vaccine in this rat race competition of just wanting to put the other down. This pandemic was a bio weapon created with a sole motive of killing Earth silently without any obvious outbreak of a physical war. The people who were dying were meant to leave because of a major shift in energy levels at Earth. Earth was hopeful of a cleansing and death only meant reduced burden, more space, lowered pollution levels and most importantly balance in energies. The pandemic had taught that change is the only constant; change is inevitable. Death does not mean an end… it means a renewed beginning towards a better existence. Those who shed their physical bodies, did so because of their low immunity levels, mindful fear and negative thoughts; thus making it obvious, “What you give power to, will grow”. It was fear and low energy thoughts that had caused an end. Kaavya was positive about her dedicated mission that was set out to elevate Earth to higher energy levels and spread peace. She was jolted back to reverie. News had come that the vaccine gone for the final trial was approved and certified for market distribution. Live execution would commence in a week. Her efforts were not just recognised, but a plausible solution towards supressing and combating the deadly virus was found. 


(Present day: 23rd August, 2020 23:46:32 hrs)…

As Kaavya consciously lay down on her grand bedroom that night, her last call to Kryptoreum 580 was scheduled for the immediate time being. She knew she would have to miss home until there was another important mission lined up… As the clock inched closer to midnight, Kaavya appeared pensive. She was also glad that the support showered were unflinching and filled with unconditional gratitude… Finally, the midnight clocks chimed… the Heavens once again, unexpectedly split open to reveal a blinding glow as the curtain of blazing golden light covered Kaavya’s form… the final home calling was enveloped in the golden light uplifting Kaavya to the final revelation of The Golden Awakening…



1 Kryptoreum 580– An imaginary planet in the vast Universe that is believed to be located 580 light years away from Planet Earth

2 Aureum Glow- Golden Glow

3 “Somras”a heavenly drink  consumed in small quantities that is believed to induce power, youth, vitality, beauty and strength in the consumer of the drink

4 The Corona- literally meaning “The Crown”. A virus with spiky heads and a crown like structure that is known to have caused a recent pandemic situation on Earth. 

5 Rahava 444- An imaginary low energy planet located 444 light years away from Earth. It is a planet that is believed to be causing many havoc mechanisms on other planets through their secret agents sent in human bodies

6 Pandemic- A disease that is spread and gets prevalent over a large area, that is, throughout an entire country, continent or maybe the entire world.

7 Covid 19- A severe respiratory Disease caused by the Corona virus having several health implications and/or resulting in death too. CO- Corona VI- Virus and D- Disease.

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5 thoughts on “A Golden Awakening

  1. I hope you join FB soon because I couldn’t see your post in the group. SO I am leaving my comment here.

    A Sci-fi with a mix of utopia. Such a wonderful attempt Lakshmi. I could feel the golden glow around her and the tall creatures. Your vocab is top-notch and your imagination has a great potential. I really like how you connected the color theme with the pandemic and gave humanity a different face altogether as agents being sent from Kryptoreum in the form of humans. Sounds like there is someone sitting somewhere else who runs our planet and we are just fulfilling some purpose on earth for some decades.

    The story need some editing and tightening. Atmospheric explanation is necessary but more than that, the character dev should come out.

    Glossary: I think, other than somras, most of the other words dont need explanation because you have weaved the meaning already in the story.

    The long winding paragraphs can be split into smaller ones conveying one idea in each para. Adding dialogues would help more for the readers to enjoy and connect. A little show dont tell would also improve the story.

    Nonetheless, it was a good story and fully fulfilled the prompt’s need. Would love to see more of your stories on Penmancy.

  2. I simply loved the story. It was like watching sci-fiction movie playing in front of me. The vocabulary was exceptional as usual and always expected out of you. It reminded me of our starseed conversation if you remember 😉. Once again loved it ❤️.

    However just for next one to come, make sure it’s edited properly and also keep descriptions short or include only if necessary. Kudos to you, waiting for some more to come. Good luck 👍🏻

  3. Hi Lakshmi, Congratulations on your first #harness story on @penmancy!

    What a debut this is! I find writing Sci-fi is a struggle for me because it involves a great stretch of scientific imagination and logical purpose that I seem to lack. This take is so unique and inspiring! The highlight of the story for me was the Krypto planet and its beings and atmosphere; the attention to detail w.r.t descriptions and setting is remarkable and awe-inspiring.

    A few observations from my end:

    1. Break up the longer paragraphs into smaller ones. Blocky text looks chunky and heavy and is difficult on the eyes. If we reduce the length of our paragraphs, the text is easier on the eyes and looks airy and engaging.

    2. Initially, some details about the planet and the features of the beings on the planet are repeated. Another round of editing will ensure a crisper narrative and will also take care of typos that have cropped up in the story.

    3. As much as possible, try using active voice rather than passive voice.

    For e.g.: “There was no wasting of precious time. A bowl of the golden viscous liquid was quickly consumed.” — can be reframed into active voice as —- There was no time to waste. Kaavya quickly consumed a bowl of the golden viscous liquid.” —

    This way the language of the story is more direct and interactive. It also improves the narrative in a more ‘showing’ way rather than ‘telling’.

    Hope these pointers help. This story is a spectacular vista of experiences and shows the intense energy with which you write. Looking forward to reading more of your work!

    If you can, do connect with fellow writers at Penmancy’s FB group – Write.Read.Support. This way you can receive direct feedback from other readers and writers and you can get access to their stories and provide your feedback to them!
    Hope to connect with you soon!

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