A Letter From Charlotte

A Letter From Charlotte

Last night, I received a letter from Charlotte
At first I was puzzled to a great extent
She wrote to me, that she wanted a scarf Scarlett

I realised, she only cared for my consent
So, I kept up with her request with patience
The arachnid took the scarf inside the tent

She dressed up herself with radiance
All through the night she danced elegantly
She spun the web now with efficiency

She wrote to me passionately
Her words were full of wisdom
I soon found myself reading the letter raptly

She wrote, one must be prudent while enjoying freedom
It doesn’t mean meddling with others right
Just because you are living in a phase of boredom

I concluded that freedom gives delight
It is a delicate thing like a gossamer garment
One must enjoy it , without giving others fright
Her letter guided me timely on my path of starlet.
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