A Lover’s Song

A Lover’s Song

Tease me, titillate me
By sunshine and moonbeam,
Speak to me in whispers,
Laugh riot in a dream.
Drown out the inner noise
That makes me want to scream.

Sing for me a love song.
Fill me with poetry.
And shine like the sunbeam
As bright as you can be.
Then when the day is done,
Rejuvenate with me.

Come to me like the waves
Crashing foam on the shore.
Come to me like the rain
Humming a gentle lore.
Come and set my heart free;
Know, I wouldn’t want more.

Comfort and encourage,
Motivate and inspire.
Be the strong wind beneath
My wings; take me higher.
Then blow my mind to set
My passions on fire.

Remain my muse, my friend,
Remain a temptation.
Then when all around me
Crumbles in swift motion,
Be my steady rock and
reason in confusion.

For hearts may shatter and
Explode with a fury.
This world disintegrates
Before I simply be.
When all returns to dust,
I would have been but freed.
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