A Missing Piece

A Missing Piece

A piece inside me is missing somewhere,
It makes me strange and mysterious too.
I imagine, I think, I love, I care,
Can’t express it, but I feel just like you.

I get frustrated when none understands,
A piece inside me is missing somewhere.
Anxious and lonely, in need of some friends,
I scream naively, never mean to scare.

Yearning for someone to accept and share,
I may not find the correct words to tell.
A piece inside me is missing somewhere,
Try for once, I too can get along well.

I long for some calm in my noisy mind,
A puzzle that only love can repair.
Your patience may lead me to search and find,
A piece inside me is missing somewhere.

Note :   
Autism is a serious developmental disorder that impairs the ability to interact and communicate. Kids in the autism spectrum (ASD) face a lot of difficulties socially and often feel lonely. Love, acknowledgment, understanding, and support from an early age can help them to achieve independence and experience a happy life.

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2 thoughts on “A Missing Piece

  1. Such a heartfelt poem about acceptance and inclusion. It touched a deep chord within me. Beautiful, soulful emotions.

    1. Thanks for reading and appreciating. This poem is straight from my heart and I really feel the kids is spectrum not need our empathy but they need little understanding and lots of patience.

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