A Morsel of Mercy

A Morsel of Mercy

Wiry hair, a shrivelled face, he stood there
Alone in the rain with gaunt, outstretched hands
Seeking alms. None helped…is charity dead?
A child cycling past stopped, and looked askance,
Gave him her umbrella, smiled, and zipped home.
Kindness is never wasted, I believe. 

Swirling snowflakes, crackling fires, stars and lights;
Families rejoiced, dined, spread Christmas cheer;
None noticed the shivering pup outside;
Hungry, scared, scouring for food and some love
Till a tramp scooped him up and held him close,
Huddling around a dying flame, they shared
Morsels of cake and meat…leftovers, all!
Empathy is all we need, I repeat.
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