A New Address

A New Address

“Welcome to your new home.” 

The frail elderly lady looked skeptically around her new abode, and gave a wry smile at the booming voice of the rotund matron.

The man accompanying her brought in the suitcases, exchanged few pleasantries and left in a rush.

“I’m the morning supervisor of this home. I’ll take you to your room Maya; and you can freshen up before you join us for tea. In the dining area I’ll introduce you to the other residents.”

In the small room furnished with bare necessities was a window overlooking the garden; and a cheerful lady seated there was providing company to the chattering elderly residents.

Maya’s eyes welled up blurring the eyeglasses as her mind raced at the turn of events and her destiny.

A melodious voice broke her train of thoughts but before Maya could visualize her face, the lady disappeared announcing that tea was already served. From her attire Maya knew she was the one in the garden.

Maya looked around; found her suitcases near the wardrobe, freshened up and headed towards the dining area.

The same lady was busily conducting the chores in the dining hall but left in a hurry before Maya could approach her.

The matron’s arrival blocked her path; announcing Maya’s presence and introducing her to the other residents of the old age home.

In the dark room Maya felt forlorn and melancholic. A silhouette appeared after a knock on the door. She reached out for her eyeglasses on the table nearby. 

The melodious voice resonated again, “Are you alright? I’m the evening supervisor of this place; if you need anything please ring the bell on the switchboard. Dinner will be served at 8 pm.”

Before she could keep pace with the dimness of the room adjusting her eyeglasses, the voice faded along with the shadow. Maya’s doubt has led to the belief of the unknown and the unknotting of the mystery.  

Maya waited with bated breath in her room after dinner; for the lady’s reappearance. She sprung towards the door at the first knock.

“Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”

Aghast, she exclaimed, “Da….”

Calmly she nodded in unison, “Yes Dahlia, your daughter in law.”

Pausing she touched Maya’s hand gently and led her inside the room. “A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since your son booted me out of your house in spite of your resistance. I work here now and have found a new address and meaning to my life.”

Maya couldn’t fathom her emotions; she lay awake till late night, and the long lost scenes unfolded before her eyes. 

“I’ve been unsuccessful in raising my son, my ethics haven’t percolated to him,” she wailed in the thunder struck darkness of the night.  

Looking out of the window, Maya soaked in the new dawn, feeling fresh. A light tap on the door lightened her face up, she smiled at Dahlia.

“Come in, we’re family dear.”
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