A New Chapter

A New Chapter

Tears flowed from Meera’s eyes as she glanced at her husband’s picture. Twenty-six years of togetherness had come to a bitter halt when Ravi had passed away a year ago due to an illness. Engulfed by solitude, Meera struggled to move on with her life.

Amma! It’s been a year now and you still seem depressed. It’s time you move on. It’s taking a toll on your health,” said her son Deepak.

“Some things can never be the same. My whole life revolved around your Appa. I’m just lost now without him,” said Meera.

“I think you need a change of place for a few days. Let me book a vacation for you. I came across a vacation package in the newspaper today. I have a feeling it will brighten up things for you.”

“Come on, Deepak! I’m in no mood to go on a vacation now.”

Amma! Trust me, you need this break to overcome the monotony and grief that has crept within you.”

“Since you insist, I’ll go,” said Meera reluctantly.    

The next day Meera got ready. A van came for the pick-up. With great hesitation, she boarded the van.

She sat beside a window to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. The van headed towards Kodaikanal. The chirping birds, the cool breeze from the swaying eucalyptus trees, and the misty surroundings filled her with a sense of tranquility. As she was peacefully lost amidst the lap of nature, the van suddenly came to a screeching halt.

The road ahead was blocked by a fallen tree. The van driver asked them to wait at the tea shop along the highway until the road was cleared.

As Meera sipped the hot masala chai she reminisced the nostalgic days of her mirthful life.

Suddenly, she was caught by surprise when someone uttered her name.

Meera! Is that you? ” The voice sounded familiar.

It was Suresh. Despite his wrinkled skin and white hair, he had the same mesmerizing smile and expressive eyes.

The past flashed across Meera’s eyes.

“Suresh! It feels strange to meet you after all these years. After reading your letter I never wanted to meet you again,” said Meera, sounding furious.

“I never sent any letter. I was eagerly waiting for you that day. But your letter stated that you were getting engaged to Ravi and did not want to see me anymore. So I decided not to interfere and left without saying anything.”

“What? I never sent you any letter. Meera was shocked.

Then who was it?

“It must have been my father… Oh! Now everything makes sense. I trusted him all along. How could he?” said Meera, being shattered.

“Where’s your wife?” asked Meera curiously.

“I never married. I couldn’t imagine beingBy the way how’s Ravi?

“Ravi passed away last year.

I’m sorry for your loss. Take care. I have to leave now,” said Suresh trying not to stir emotions any further.

You don’t have to leave this time,” said Meera clutching Suresh’s arm. She was overwhelmed with emotions.

The statement said it all. Suresh couldn’t refuse.

The universe had conspired a new chapter in their lives.

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