A New Dawn

A New Dawn

“Beta, how will I stand here all alone? I will also accompany you,” said the sexagenarian.

“Maa, you just wait here stand here for five minutes. I will be back at the earliest. It is very hot so I will just fetch you a water bottle,” answered Sumesh.

The old Durgadevi sighed and sat on a nearby bench while her son went to fetch the water. She didn’t notice the gate and board of the building behind her.

Almost two hours had passed but Sumesh was nowhere in sight. Durga was already restless. “I wish my son is fine. He hasn’t come back yet.” A thought of some undesirable happening was troubling her. She was still waiting when two young ladies came out of the building. They noticed her.

“Mataji, you look tired and upset. Are you waiting for someone?”asked one of them.

“Beta, my son left few hours back but he hasn’t returned yet. I am worried for him,” she answered.

Taking the note of whole scenario, one of them asked her to accompany them to that building so that she could eat something and relax. After much persuasion, an unwilling Geeta Devi entered the ‘Dwaraka old age home’.

* * *

“Dad, when will grandma be back? Where is she gone? You said she will return in a week but it has been almost a month,”asked the little Madhav. 

Sumesh didn’t have any answer for the same. He felt helpless and weak. He looked at his wife Reeta who was cleaning the closet. 

               * * *                 

“Either your mother will stay or me. If I leave, I will take Madhav along and will divorce you,” Reeta had screamed. 

Reeta hadn’t been able to adjust with her old fashioned illiterate mother in law. She had pressurized Sumesh to take some strong decision.

Sumesh didn’t want Madhav to leave him. Succumbing to the domestic pressures, he had decided to leave her at old age home as he found that beneficial for all.

* * *

“Papa, you didn’t answer me. I miss my dadi,” said an almost tearful Madhav breaking his reverie.

“I miss her too dear,” said Sumesh hugging little one.  

* * *

Two months had passed but no one had turned up. Geeta Devi had understood by now that she was left there purposely. But still, her love and compassion for them hadn’t died down.

One fine day, while watering the plants, Geeta felt distracted by familiar fragrance. Mother’s instincts were still strong enough to sense her son’s presence. She almost broke into tears when she saw Sumesh and Madhav standing there.

While Madhav hugged her hard, Sumesh almost sat at her feet.

“Maa, I am so sorry. From the day I left you here, I haven’t been able to sleep. Though you were away, I felt you around me. Your love and blessings were always around us but you weren’t there. Let’s go back to our home.”

Sumesh had decided to counsel Reeta later. 

A glad and remorseful Sumesh was happy today!

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