A Night to Remember In Which: Pooh and Piglet Meet an Alien

A Night to Remember In Which: Pooh and Piglet Meet an Alien

One evening Winnie-the-Pooh hurried to his good friend Piglet’s house. Piglet was working in his garden tending the plants and admiring the flowers. In the center of his little yard bloomed in all its glory and splendor, Flora amicitia, the rarest flower in the world.

“Come Piglet, we must go quickly to the meadow!” said Pooh. He was jumping up and down in great excitement.

“Oh dear, what is the matter?” asked Piglet.

“Let us go now, we will talk on the way.”

Piglet left his work and joined Pooh, and both made their way towards the meadow.

“There has been a landing!” Pooh told Piglet as they approached the clearing in the forest.

In the meadow, they beheld a giant spaceship. Pooh and Piglet stood before the great vehicle in awe and amazement. Presently the door opened and a strange being appeared outside. Though Pooh and Piglet had never seen anybody like the creature before, they were certain he was an alien. Like Pooh said, “If it comes out of a spaceship, it must be an alien.”

The alien announced, “We are looking for Mr. Piglet. He has been selected for the award of the Best Friend in the Universe.”

When Piglet heard this, he burst out saying, “Oh dear! My friendship has no meaning without Pooh.”

“Is that so?” said the alien. “Then we will give the award to Mr. Pooh Bear. Please come forth and collect your reward.”

As Pooh proudly marched forward to receive the honor, Piglet watched happily.

After that, the spaceship left and disappeared into the skies among the countless stars.

The two friends walked back home in silence. Pooh was beaming with pride at his achievement while Piglet was brimming with joy for the recognition his friend had received throughout the universe.

Pooh dropped Piglet home and quickly departed. Though Pooh was happy, there was a strange discontent brewing inside him.

That night Pooh organized a party for all the residents of Hundred Acre Wood to commemorate the event, news of which had spread everywhere. Christopher Robin, Piglet, Tigger, Kanga and Roo, Rabbit, Owl, even Eeyore, all gathered at Pooh’s house for the celebration.

After an hour of merrymaking, everyone gathered around Pooh and started shouting, “Speech! Speech!”

Then Pooh said, “Tonight we celebrate my receiving the ‘Best Friend in the Universe’ award. I must say I am overjoyed at the recognition. But I do not deserve it!”

There was a sudden silence in the room.

Pooh continued, “The award rightly belongs to my dear friend, Piglet! For without him there is no P in Pooh! Without Piglet, I am just the Ooh Bear!”

There were loud bursts of laughter at Pooh’s speech. Pooh held out his hand holding the reward towards Piglet. The crowd hoisted Piglet and carried him towards Pooh screaming “Best Friend! Best Friend!”

As Piglet stood beside Pooh with his reward, the world was reminded once more why they were indeed the Best Friends in the whole universe.


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