A Place Of My Dreams

A Place Of My Dreams

I crossed the street everyday
The deserted garden stared at me in dismay
Until one day I decided to peek
Not knowing exactly what to seek
To a place unknown I got carried away

The wilderness gave way to a sight divine
Filled up my mind with thoughts sanguine
My unassuming eyes unable to dwell
I fell under it’s magic spell
In the glare of broad sunshine

Shrubs of roses and fruit laden trees
Butterflies dancing to the song of bees
Cascading streams against sunkissed cliffs
An enchanting symphony of nature’s gifts
I could live here forever with ease

Suddenly I jolted out of my dream
Letting out a dreadful scream
The dark of my shanty and the scanty moonlight
I thought, Life is too short to be lived in black and white
Drifting back into my subconscious stream


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