A Plea for Harmony

A Plea for Harmony

Where shall we look for peace,
In state of anarchy and despair?
When each word is hate and malice,
when every hand holds a spear.
Boundaries don’t keep nations apart,
And the fencing causes no harm,
When hatred dwells in every heart,
How can the world be a lovely farm?
As Earth witnesses acts of treason ,
We come to thee to guide our ways,
To hold us tight and clear our visions ,
To make us smile through hazy days.
They say you reside in every soul,
So cleanse our minds of toxic thoughts,
We plea to make Earth a unified whole,
And end this state of terrible distraught.
Ruchika Parmar
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One thought on “A Plea for Harmony

  1. An excellent poem about the present state of affairs. It has the elements of a good literature and the thoughts behind it, the message embedded in it are quite deep. But some mistakes and inappropriate use of words stop it from being a near perfect poem. As one commenter pointed out in the last line, distraught does not seem right. Also, plea should be replaced with pledge, since pledge is more suited to the context of the poem’s final lines – the poetess appears to be praying to the Lord to purify our minds and promises the Lord that humankind will mend their ways and change the world. So if this poem is given another round of proofreading, its potential to become an excellent poem goes higher. Keep it up!

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