A Pleasant Morning

A Pleasant Morning

Trinity music college,London. The world’s music heaven, the wonderful college I have always  dreamt go going to! The sun rose slowly as I, Adam eagerly waited for the arriving morning.

Never before had I waited for sunrise the sun so badly , well of course the sun came up at its own pace. I slipped across the dining table, down to my room in the villa. I picked up the fresh white envelope near my desktop and read my Trinity College acceptance letter for the millionth time, my childhood dream had come true, I couldn’t help it ! From the time I had started learning piano I was fascinated I wanted to play Beethoven, Bach and much more . Over the course of life, you could say, I became a fine musician and so now at the age of 19, here I am getting accepted into one of the best music colleges in the world, with knowledge of Piano, guitar, flute and drums.

It was the morning I had been waiting for . After a disturbed sleep of tosses and turns I was relaxed, I didn’t have to wait anymore.

 I jumped out of the bed and rushed to the washroom also breathing in the scent of my mom’s famous chocolate and peanut butter pancakes.

I looked at myself in the mirror spraying deodorant all over my body .I examined my collar shirt doing everything to make it perfect. I stepped out with my suitcase leaving it near the entrance.  I walked up to the table seeing dad read his daily newspaper. 

“There’s my boy !”, He exclaimed when he finally saw me. 

He offered me a seat opposite him where a package was kept ,my name on it . I slowly opened the medium size package in front of me and out came an apple company box. I was delighted to find a slim, sleek black and golden smart watch. I was surprised my dad had never changed his mind about buying a smartwatch for me but now …. 

‘This is an exception, like a farewell gift , we are so proud of you! Dad said noticing the look on my face. Just then mom came in with her pancakes and chocolate syrup. 


“Mom that was great!” . I exclaimed after I finished a scrumptious breakfast . I wiped my hands hugged my mom and then waited on the couch for them to get ready . We still had a couple of hours before we could board the plane to Heathrow airport .

I let my dog Georgie sit on me with her leash on until my parents got the passports . Georgie hugged against my stomach pleading to take her for a walk. I smiled and was headed towards backyard when the doorbell rang , it was Katie ferguson, one of my best fiend. Her mom had offered to take care of Georgie until my parents were back after dropping me off to college.

Katie fought back tears and tightly hugged me, I pushed her off and said   ,“Katie you’re going to Harvard too, it’ll be fine!”. Katie was the smartest in our class, so when she got an acceptance letter from Harvard I was not surprised. Katie ignored my words and hugged me again murmuring ,“You could have waited for a week , then you me and Tyler would go off to college together”.  Tyler was also a good and dear friend . We all were together since 3rd grade and have been inseparable since then. We have many memories growing up.

Katie sniffled on my shoulder and finally when she stopped ,took Georgie from me, hugged for one last time and disappeared into the light , leaving behind her scarf, as a remembrance .


Whoah , what a flight ! I thought out aloud as my parents and I approached the conveyor belt to collect our luggage at Heathrow Airport. 

It was fascinating with huge chocolate stores and fabulous designer stores with elegant finery . As we made our way out of the crowded airport I  took a deep breath and soaked myself into the fresh air, mesmerised by the amazing view . We got a cab ,tucked our suitcases and I thought of the day ahead …                                                         

The college was huge, spread over forty-two acres of land . All amenities were there : sprawling green garden, great  architecture ,restaurants and much more …you name it and it was there !

As we got out of the cab and approached the reception I became anxious, would I make a good impression ? 

As we crossed the marble steps, in came the view of a marble floor, a velvet seating and a diamond crested  table. 

“Well, hello, you must be Mr and Mrs Burns, and this must be Adam , Welcome !” The receptionist said delightfully… It was a very warm welcome . She guided us to the counter where we filled out some forms but I constantly kept looking around keeping an eye for people. “Well, thank you, Mr. Brian will lead you to Adam’s dormitory room shared by two more students. You would for sure enjoy your stay with them!”, she said as we followed him all the way to the dormitory.


 I had just finished saying goodbye to my emotional parents . Was setting my bed and placing a picture of my friends when two people came in. Hey , you must be Adam, I’m Feagans, also new to this place the first person said, I immediately recognised his Scottish accent. 

“Dude, sup, I’m Roger , my first year over here too, I hear you are from Pittsburgh, I also belong to the same place.” They were good people I thought and I had a good feeling about them . 

Little did I know there was loads of action waiting for me in the coming years…


Down the lane Five years later 

 “Roger, please pass a coke !” I said sitting on a chair in my dorm with a developed British accent . He passed a chill bottle as heard pop music. I took a sip and started walking towards my drawer . While reaching out I glanced at my suitcase, this was the first time in five years I was going back to Pittsburgh, I loved London, the sights, the food but it was finally time I went back home for a while, after all I was graduating next year !


I looked around Pittsburgh international airport for my parents when a voice came from behind , “Bro ,long time no see! “. It was my cousin Jimmy, same age as me with his siblings Tina & Marcy, I hugged all of them . My eyes were still looking for my parents , finally they came, along with my paternal uncle and aunt from behind, and joined the group hug. I had missed them so much, tears of joy rolled down my cheeks.

Back at home we unpacked my luggage and sat as a family to catch up on gossip with a mocha drink and Oreos ! I was about to tell the group about my good grades and the fantastic time I had at my college when doorbell rang, there was a man in a suit and had a government badge.

He was a tall, slender, dangerous man, and he smelled like trouble.

“Hey mom, who’s this guy, why’s he here?”, I said oddly.

 My mom looked at me with a strict face and instructed that I with my cousins go to my room.

As we walked to the room, Jimmy kept blabbering about the new PS4 and I kept pondering about the strange visitor at the door and why he had leave at his arrival !

“Adam, you have no reason to think about that man!”, Jimmy exclaimed, quite nervously, probably realising my state of confusion.

I thanked Jimmy but still continued thinking about the mysterious man, “what’s there which I  don’t know ?”, and I fell into a deep sleep…


“Happy Birthday Adam !”, Screamed my family and woke me up . I had completely forgot the special day as I kept thinking about the stranger till late night. 

I couldn’t think any longer ,my mom nudged a gift against me , it was a new bass guitar ! I smiled as I kept it aside and accepted another gift from Jimmy a PS4. I got many other unnecessary gifts, but I thanked my family politely since I didn’t want to waste any time to find out about the curious stranger , I did not know about!

“Come on I have a surprise!” dad screamed from the living room as I wore my favourite shirt and stepped out . I saw a red velvet cheesecake on the table. I rushed towards my dad and hugged him. His cheesecake was really special and made only on special occasions. It was my favourite flavour ever! Suddenly my mom walked in with the stranger which was quite odd. The man looked like trouble so all the while I pretended he wasn’t even there.


Whoah, Come ?On ! Cut a big slice” everyone cheered as I cut a piece for my mom . “Another slice for me dad!” exulted . I tried to cut another slice but the candles wouldn’t move ! The stranger helped me remove the candles and I stared at him for straight thirty-seconds . There was an eerie silence in the room. I felt some uncanny connection while I was also uncomfortable with his presence. I could not hold it any more and bursted out, “OK enough, who is this man? Who is he ?

There was pin drop silence. All the faces suddenly turned serious looking at each other in denial . The stranger just turned away and sat on the couch. My parents held me on the shoulders and guided me to sit just opposite the stranger while both of them sat next to me . The stranger took out some papers and passed it to my parents. My parents had gone numb and seemed really scared their faces turning pale. There was an awkward silence. “Ok here goes, its time we finally told you Adam ! “ My dad said breaking the silence. “Adam, come here my child — you need to hear this out and stay calm , you are our child with all our hear but not biologically.”

‘What do you mean ?” I said in confusion . 

“Well, dear you are adopted and we are really sorry we never had the courage to share it with you !” My mom said sniffling . The anger within me gave way to tears, I could not believe my ears! I dashed to my room, locked up myself and flung to  my bed sobbing hard. 

“Come on dear , come out and talk to us,” my ‘mom’ said in a feeble voice . She repeated herself — “come out dear , lets go out for dinner and celebrate your birthday!” . 

“NO Andi – I don’t want to go!” I screamed immediately deciding I wasn’t gonna call her mom anymore. Emotions were raging within me ! Million thoughts rushing through my mind . I felt so lonely and in the moment I heard my mom sigh loudly and walking away from my door.


It was almost sudden, a sudden change of heart. After 2 hours of reflecting I got up lifting my face out my wet pillow and went outside . “Hey mom dad , I’m sorry I know whatever happened or happens you will my true parents forever .”

 Oh honey , why a sudden change ?’ My dad asked

“Well , my REAL parents never really bothered about me, while you have done everything to take care of me and that’s what really matters and that’s what true parents do!”, I almost broke down and fought hard to control my tears . Composing myself I continued, “ Family doesn’t require blood, it requires love! I exclaimed bursting into tears again. My parents hugged my and cried their heart out . 

“I always knew you were smart !” My uncle said joining our group hug. 

“Hey mom there’s still enough time to eat at Via Milano, what do you say ? “

Yes,  ocourse ! My mom said laughing wiping off her tears . 

The government official was put on a call, and I was made to apologise, but I also thanked him for taking care of my adoption needs, and I was awfully sorry about the way I spoke and thought about him.

How I love my family … I thought and strummed my new guitar composing a melody for my new found identity and purpose … it brought a smile on everyone’s face and a tear of joy ! The family secret was out and had found a purpose …



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