A Queen’s Lament

A Queen’s Lament

I am she, Pharaoh, queen and lover.
Wandering over my lost kingdom. 

No seductress of men, no power player, 
I inspired and learnt to conspire.
Legend of my beauty and my exquisite mind
Potent and sole weapons against my enemies.

From a silk tapestry, reclaimed land and freedom,
My fate sealed by the Ides of March.
I even dined on pearls and acid wines,
No one achieved a richer repast.

I loved like no other, my rough diamond,
My soul, my equal, and my death companion.

Needles bear my name alas in vain,
Memories disgraced and defaced,
By envy of Rome, even after my death.

Ten coins tell not of my visage, little octave, 
For you worked hard to alter my story.
But my name is yet spoken where yours 
Fell short of any consequence.

Tears of blood; my beloved land for what is lost,
But hearts that seek to learn will know me at last.
It’s true, I kissed a snake. One too many.

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