A Selfless Attempt

A Selfless Attempt

The water cascades from mountain cliffs,
Splashing ferociously as it descends,
It does not discriminate,
Takes everything with the flow.

The sun stretches its arms across the sky,
Across glaciers and ocean deep,
It does not judge good or bad,
Just adds warmth to every touch.

The air crisp and blowing free,
Travels boundaries west to east,
Adds freshness to clean and dirty,
Sweeps and sways in every way.

The soil full of minerals rich,
Nourishes cactus and apples alike,
It does not say I won’t support you,
To any creeper thick or thin.

The leaves so green chlorophyll rich,
Makes food for plants brown and green,
Not knowing when it will get uprooted,
It just serves without restrictions.

When nature is so selfless, 
Why do we create borders?
Why do we judge each other,
On every trivial second?

Why not be free like birds,
And not restrict ourselves to boundaries,
Boundaries of nation,
Boundaries of thought.

Let’s be water like,
And go with the flow,
Take one day at a time and
Never leave the sunshine.

Let’s be the Sun,
And spread all the warmth,
Welcome every ray,
And live each day.

Be one with the wind,
The nurturing soil,
And the young leaves,
Spreading livingness and the will to live!
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