A Separation For Happiness

A Separation For Happiness

The tears that rolled down my eyes,
upstretched the eyebrows and raised some “Whys” 

“You are a woman, you should adjust,  
by means of love, give in to his lust”

Amidst the beasty nights & dreaded days, 
I have no choice but to part ways!

They raised a question “Where will you go?”
“Will choose away from placating his ego”

The stigma which catches the eyes of kin,
is better than living a life, in his sin!

The luxury, the comfort, the house, and the fame,
should be parted from me, including his surname!

Let the untruthful rumours go wild and rife
I will accept it all, over a fearful life 

The first day after the struggled Separation
when a lost identity, an unstated individuation

woke up to life in “peace” and “less” 
Not in anxiety, not in stress

A new day, a reason, to flinch life afresh, 
Blessed by “Separation” for “happiness”! 

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