A Silent Friend

A Silent Friend

She would always pine to converse.
He’d be busy with things diverse
Unquenched thirst to pour her lone heart,
Tears flowed mourning the miles apart.
Loneliness – pricking pain.

She then sought solace in words’ world.
And to the rhymes of verses swirled,
Fingers tapped, prose bloomed like flowers.
And gained hundreds of followers.
Loneliness- godsent boon.

She was now used to seclusion,
Scribbling with no one’s intrusion.
She longed for the sacred silence,
To weave her magical sentence.
Loneliness – newfound strength.

Solitude, her new companion .
She awaited their reunion.
Together, they knitted stories,
Which travelled to many countries.
Loneliness – bosom friend.

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