A Sinless Sky

A Sinless Sky

A touch of blush, soft and warm, blooms
Across the eventide sky, bathing the earth
In myriad pastel hues, heavenly grace
I soak it all in my shriveled, fractured heart. 

Lifting my gnarled, bony fingers I touch the breeze
That flits in through the gaps, unconfined
And I close my eyes, floating on its wings
Unrestrained for a moment in time

The evening, a shy blushing bride
Beckons a love, so dark to her light
The night eternal sets in, engulfing all
In a deceptive lull, cocooned in mystery. 

Amidst the hoary gray expanse
Caging my life’s essence and heart’s desire
I wish for an evening, from a distant past
Under a sinless sky, holding you to me. 
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Mithila Gogate
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One thought on “A Sinless Sky

  1. Beautifully etched poem of love and longing sketched in the deepest shades of love. Very good poem, Mithila

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