A Strange Coexistence

A Strange Coexistence

Oh, God! Let me live

My panic-stricken prayer made me flutter in anxiety but it seemed the lord had heard it, for at the same moment, I found a safe, quiet place to hide. Panting, I took refuge behind the see-through partition. Mercifully, I was well camouflaged. I stood still  till I could muster enough courage to check my surroundings. 

Phew! It was a narrow escape. 

I took a deep breath to stabilize my wobbly heartbeats and looked around carefully.  

 Yes, I am at the right place. I braced myself.

 What about others? Did they escape the attack? 

A few hours before this catastrophe, it was a beautiful, warm day. I was ambling through the alleys of a flower garden, sipping juice and waiting for sunlight to diminish completely. Long dusky shadows were on the verge of greeting us and excitedly, I was looking forward to enjoy my first thirst-quenching night. Coming of age definitely takes a lot of time. I had waited enough.

I hate surprises, though I love to surprise others. Needless to say, we were caught unawares by the raid. I wish we had foreseen it coming. 

What a waste

I gritted my teeth in anger and frustration. 

 This mass killing won’t go unrevenged. Haven’t you still recognized my die hard spirit? Try as much, you cannot escape my wrath. The more you try to kill me, the more I will come back stronger and powerful than my previous version. This is what I have been doing, haven’t I? Despite all your efforts to not let me survive, yet, here I am hiding in your abode, waiting for you.

A flicker of light brought me out of reverie. It was time for my debut performance. Twilight whispered sweet nothings in my ear and I took my first flight. 

Payback Time. I call it sweet revenge. Of course, very sweet for me for I can smell it so close. The smell of human blood! 

I buzzed with excitement as I beat my wings and flew with a newfound verve and passion.  Humans may be powerful but they have still not been able to eliminate the likes of me. I am going to win tonight. 

I looked with pride at my beautiful black and white marking. I am Aedes Aegypti, a very special girl. My wings felt light as I flew in the direction of that intoxicating scent.   

Here I come, darling. You may have the power to annihilate me with a clap of your hands but I too am gifted. Bloodsucker, yes, that is what I am and here is my sweet revenge. See, you didn’t even notice when I pierced your skin but it is your blood that helps me breed and breed…. So,I will prevail till you do!

That is the beauty of being young. Clap! It was close but I was swifter. 

A narrow escape again. Guess, I am invincible! Going for now but the battle continues. Will be back with another deadly gift!
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