A Symphony of Souls

A Symphony of Souls

Tonight go out and gaze
At the everlasting heavens
Where in the deeps of space
Drift innumerable pilgrims
Like you and me. Why sit alone
Within the prison of your walls
While the doors and windows
Slowly suffocate your soul?

Outside, a forest of stars
Is gathering in the sky.
I can feel the air is full
And heavy with the portent
Of miracles. The darkness
Is aflame, and the light pours
Through this abyss between us
Bridging our souls together.

This morning, I walked out
Alone into a sea of crowds.
I wandered the wide world
Like a lonely comet roving
Among a million galaxies.
If you meet me somewhere
In the ocean of this cosmos
Would you still hold my hand?

In the afternoon, I sat
By the shore, with the waves
Beating like my forlorn heart
To the pulsing rhythm of time.
In the evening, when whispers
From many far off islands
Echoed in those silent shells
I knew you were calling me.

And now in this dismal gloom
When the night has swallowed
The day, and the cold mists
Cloud the lands like a veil;
Do not hide in the shadows –
But emerge like those stars
Glimmering in the sky, and 
In their midst, be lost with me.

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