A Terrifying Experience In Which: Pooh and Piglet Encounter a Ghost

A Terrifying Experience In Which: Pooh and Piglet Encounter a Ghost

One evening, Pooh and Piglet were walking home through the forest. It was the night of the full moon and all kinds of strange creatures were wandering in the darkness. Midway home, a floating shadow appeared before them. Pooh was so scared he immediately hid behind Piglet, while Piglet made fists, ready to fight if needed.

Nobody moved until the shadow floated away from them. Then, quickly they ran towards home, Pooh lagging behind. Piglet stopped and waited for his friend. Reaching home together, they quickly bolted the door.

Pooh sat on the couch, relieved. “Don’t be afraid, dear Piglet. I will protect you, whatever happens!” said Pooh, proudly.

“I know, Pooh!” answered Piglet happily.

Just then they heard someone banging the door. Pooh instantly hid himself behind a cupboard while Piglet took a firewood for defense.

Pooh signed to Piglet not to open the door. Both stayed silent and waited until the pounding stopped. When it did, Piglet opened the door slowly and peeked through, Pooh behind him. Nobody was visible outside. Pooh confidently opened the door widely and yelled, “You, coward ghost! Piglet and I are not afraid of you!” He tapped Piglet’s shoulder, grinning.

Just then someone grabbed Pooh’s neck from above and said, “You stole my pot of honey and you’re going to pay for it!”

Two weeks ago, Pooh found a pot of honey northeast of Hundred Acre Wood. He couldn’t resist eating it. The problem was, the honey belonged to a dying man who wanted to taste it before he died. He passed away without fulfilling his wish.

Wiggling and trying to break free, Pooh said, “Let me go. I…uh, I finished it. Nothing left.”

“You’re already dead. Why do you want honey now?” asked Piglet.

“Aha. Since you’ve eaten all the honey yourself and none left, I’ll take your little friend for bacon instead.”

For an instant, Pooh thought it was a good exchange, his life for Piglet’s. Suddenly he felt ashamed and quickly hatched a plan to get rid of the ghost.

Pooh knew all the places in the forest where the best honey was and the fiercest bees dwelt. He told the ghost, “You dare not touch the little one! I will give you honey for honey. Come with me!”

Pooh led the ghost to the hive where even he rarely dared venture because of the aggressive nature of its inhabitants. The hive was big and inviting, dripping with golden liquid that glittered in the moonlight. On seeing it, the ghost rushed to the hive. Before he could even touch the honey, the bees were upon him launching their deadly attack.

Pooh and Piglet jumped in joy as the ghost fled in pain; the bees following him in ruthless pursuit. Never before was seen such a sight under the moonlight.

Soon, the screams of the ghost faded in the darkness. The lives of the two friends were never again disturbed by the ghost. In fact, he was not seen ever again.


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